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Kid-Maker Project: Gelatin Soaps

Enlist your child's help in making soap and sneak in some learning.
on October 09, 2013

Making gelatin soap is a fun kid maker project with a practical result: soap in fun shapes you can use at home and give as gifts.  With simple ingredients such as liquid soap, salt, and gelatin, you can mix up a batch and pour it to set in just a couple of hours.  Get creative with colors, scents, and different mold shapes, or mold a flat layer of soap and cut it into a variety of shapes using cookie cutters.  To take it a step further, learn about how to make your own molds using common household items at   

Watch this how-to video, then scroll down for a list of materials, tools, steps, and tips for making your own soap with your kids today.

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 3-4 hours (2-3 hours in the refrigerator)
Note: Adult Mentor Required

•    1 pkg. unflavored gelatin
•    1 tsp. table salt
•    1/2 cup liquid soap (e.g. Johnson's baby wash, Dr. Brunner's, or you can make your own using a recipe such as the one here:
•    3/4 cup boiling water
•    Optional: food coloring or fragrance (just a few drops of each)

•    Large mixing bowl
•    Small mixing bowl
•    Measuring cups
•    Fork/whisk
•    Rubber spatula
•    Funnel, pipette, or baster
•    Molds, such as ice cube trays, decorative food molds, or cookie trays (for cutting custom shapes using cookie cutters and other items)

Step 1:  Open the Gelatin
Put gelatin into the large mixing bowl.

Step 2:  Boil Water
After water has started to boil, carefully measure out 3/4 cup and add to the small mixing bowl.

Step 3:  Make Salt Water
Stir salt into the water until completely dissolved (a minute or two).

Step 4:  Mix Water and Gelatin
Add the salty water to the large mixing bowl.  Stir until gelatin is completely dissolved (a minute or two).

Step 5:  Add Soap
Pour soap into the water/gelatin mix.  Stir thoroughly.

Step 6:  Personalize Your Soap
Mix in color and/or scent.

Step 7:  Mold Your Soap
Using the funnel, pipette, or baster, pour or squeeze the mixture into your molds. If using a cookie sheet, pour onto the sheet to a depth of at least ¼ inch.

Step 8: Let It Set  
Refrigerate for at least 1.5 hours.

Step 9:  Demold
Remove soap from the molds.  If you are using a cookie sheet, cut soap shapes using cookie cutters, glasses, and other items.  Stay clean and enjoy!

•    Mix the water and gelatin thoroughly.  You must mix out all of the lumps to make a smooth soap texture.
•    Press the mold gently and peel it back a little to get the soap out.

Learning Benefits:
•    Logic and Reasoning
•    Problem Solving
•    Colors  
•    Listening and Speaking
•    Measurement
•    Fine Motor Skills
•    Hand-Eye Coordination
•    Cooperation
•    Following Directions
•    Responsibility
•    Observation
•    Experimentation

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