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7 Fun and Easy Ways to Teach With Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet magnets can not only hold up your child's artwork on the fridge, but they can also be used for simple -- and fun -- literacy activities.
on August 21, 2014

Having kids is expensive, but playing and learning with them doesn't always have to be. Cheap alphabet magnets can not only hold up your child's artwork on the fridge, but can also be used for simple literacy activities that are fun and won't break the bank!

1. Letter Match  
Using a dollar store cookie sheet and a permanent marker, write out the alphabet on the sheet. Give your child a bowl full of the magnets and have him match them up!

2. Word Match
Flip the cookie sheet over and using small strips of paper write out simple words and have your child place the magnets on the letters to re-create the words.

3. Missing Letters
Write out simple words leaving one letter out. Pop them on your fridge, and have your child fill in the blank with the magnetic letters.

4. Color Sort
Have your child sort the letters by color, identifying each one as he goes!

5. Fishing Game
Grab a magnetic fishing rod and go fishing for letters. Call out letters and have your child fish for a match!

6. I SPY During Meal Prep
Pop the letters on the fridge, and while you are cooking call out the letters by their sounds. "I see a letter that sounds like this..." If your child needs some help, you can tell her what color it is as a hint.

7. Scavenger Hunt
Hide the letters all over the house and have your child go on a hunt!

Do you have a fun way you use these alphabet magnets at your house? Tell us about it on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page!

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