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by Bill Wallace

Unhappy about his parents' split-up and his move with his mother to Grandpa's farm, eleven-year-old Luke found comfort in riding and caring for the horse named Beauty. She was an old horse, but she could still run like a champ. Granpa warned him to be careful with Beauty, but Luke didn't listen.

He'd told her all about his hopes, dreams, and fears — secrets Beauty would never reveal. She was his pal, who went skinny dipping with him in forbidden ponds and galloping after cattle in dangerous cowboy games he knew he shouldn't play. Until the night of the wild storm, when Beauty raced through the barn doors he'd forgotten to close into a terrible trap, and Luke ran into the blinding rain desperate to save the best friend he'd ever have...

8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Tandem Library
Book Type
Chapter Book

About the Author

Bill Wallace Shadow on the Snow, Trapped in Death Cave, and A Dog Called Kitty all started out as books for his students. However, it took ten long years for his first book (A Dog Called Kitty) to be accepted for publication. Since then, this former elementary-school teacher has written over 25 books and won numerous awards. Other favorites include: Red Dog, Buffalo Gal, Danger in Quicksand Swamp, Beauty, Aloha Summer, Watchdog and the Coyotes, and Coyote Autumn.

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