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A Father's Day Thank You

A Father's Day Thank You

by Janet Nolan Illustrated by Kathi Ember

Harvey doesn”t know what to get his father for Father”s Day. It”s especially hard when his older sisters and brother seem so sure that their presents are his favorites.

Laurie Ann gives him a tie — every year! And Martin always gives him a box of nails. Nadine says Dad loves golf balls. How do they know he likes these presents so much? Because every year Dad gives them each a hug and says, "Thank you." And they say, "You”re welcome."

The night before Father”s Day, Harvey remembers all of the nice things his dad helped him with that week. He picks up a crayon and starts to draw. And when Harvey gives his dad his present, it”s Harvey who has said, "Thank you." And it”s his Dad who responds, "You”re welcome."

5, 6, 7
Interest Level
Grades K - 2
Book Type
Read-Aloud Book
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About the Author and Illustrator

Janet Nolan
Kathi Ember

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