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Four Stupid Cupids

Four Stupid Cupids

by Gregory Maguire Illustrated by Elaine Clayton

In this riotous, over-the-top Valentine's Day farce that carries on the tradition of boy-girl rivalry and strange happenings in Hamlet, Vermont, the Copycats and the Tattletales must contend with four cupids--four stupid cupids--from ancient Greece. When the two clubs discover that the cupids can make people fall in love, the boys get nervous and the girls get busy. The Tattletales scheme to make a love match between their lonely teacher, Miss Earth, and Chad Hunkley, a national TV anchorman. Things go awry with hilarious results as the inept cupids send one arrow after another to the wrong target, and the Tattletales and Copycats must join forces to save both their beloved teacher and the not-so-clever cupids.

11, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 4 - 6
Grade Level Equivalent
Lexile Measure
Number of Pages
Fairy Tale, Comedy and Humor

About the Author and Illustrator

Gregory Maguire
Elaine Clayton

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