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How I Saved My Father's Life

How I Saved My Father's Life

by Ann Hood

Twelve-year-old Madeline believes she can perform miracles. And her biggest one to date is saving her father from an avalanche. But, unmiraculously, he divorces Madeline's mother after his recovery, writes a book about the avalanche, becomes a celebrity, and marries Ava Pomme, a renowned tart maker.

When he leaves, Madeline is left with her mother, who is slowly coming undone; her hypochondriac little brother, who spends his days worrying about air-bag safety; a house that is falling apart around her; and no clue how to perform the miracle that will fix it all.

Amidst ballet lessons, insufferable recipe experiments for her mother's "Family" magazine column, and a life-changing trip to Italy, Madeline learns the true meaning of faith — and family — in this moving novel by acclaimed author Ann Hood.

12, 13, 14
Interest Level
Grades 7 - 9
Realistic Fiction

About the Author

Contributor Image Alt Tag Ann Hood Ann Hood is the author of eight novels and a short-story collection. How I Saved My Father's Life (and Ruined Everything Else) is her first title for Scholastic.

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