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MSB Chapter Book #13: Polar Bear Patrol

MSB Chapter Book #13: Polar Bear Patrol

by Judith Stamper Illustrated by Steve Haefele

Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes the kids on a chilling adventure through the North Pole!

Hi, I'm Tim — one of the kids in Ms. Frizzle's class. When Ms. Frizzle announced that we'd be studying the North Pole, I never thought it would lead us to the top of the world. I also never thought I'd get to see seals, caribou, musk oxen, and polar bears in person, but that was just the beginning. Find out all the bone-chilling facts of our Arctic adventure!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Interest Level
Grades PreK - 3
Grade Level Equivalent
Lexile Measure
Guided Reading
Scholastic Inc.
Book Type
Chapter Book
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Informational Text

About the Author and Illustrator

Judith Stamper
Steve Haefele

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