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Scholastic Student Thesaurus

Scholastic Student Thesaurus

by John K. Bollard

The Scholastic Student Thesaurus' unique on-the-page index helps students save time and prevent frustration by showing them where to find their word if it is not a main entry. No need to flip to an index in the back of the book!

Clear synonym and antonym cross-references, an on-the-page index, and labels for parts of speech make this thesaurus the perfect choice for any student. Each entry contains a comprehensive list of synonyms. This is the only thesaurus students will need to enhance their writing and language skills.

The Scholastic Student Thesaurus was written by John Bollard, creator of the Scholastic Children's Thesaurus.

12, 13, 14
Interest Level
Grades 7 - 9
Scholastic Inc.
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