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3 Eric Carle Books That Teach Development Skills

Turn to one of these great books by Eric Carle to help your little one struggling with separation anxiety or other developmental issues.

Learning Benefits

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Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, says he loves “to teach kids something without them knowing.” Is your little one struggling with a difficult issue? Turn to one of these great reads by Carle:

Overwhelmed children benefit from the sloth’s attitude; slowly is how he does everything — enjoying life! Repetitive text helps beginning readers cement vocabulary. The foreword is by Jane Goodall. Available at, $17.
Got a little painter who uses the “wrong” colors? A yellow cow, a red crocodile, and more mixed-up animals show that sometimes imagining things as they aren’t produces fantastic results. Available at, $18.
Friends (pictured)
When a little boy’s pal moves away, he goes to the ends of the earth to try to find her. (Spoiler: It’s a happy ending.) Perfect for kids dealing with separation issues. Available at, $18.

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