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5 Healthy Cereals for Kids

These kid-tested, healthy breakfast cereals are sure to be a hit in your house.

Learning Benefits

We put 10 healthy choices to the ultimate taste test: Mr. Bowen’s first-grade class in Brooklyn, NY! The students’ winning picks are sure to be a hit in your house, too.




Best Overall: Alpha-Bits
The top choice in our comparison, Alpha-Bits has 6 grams sugar, 3 grams protein, and whole grains.

High Fiber Pick: Kashi Honey Sunshine
Kashi Honey Sunshine tastes great and boasts 5 grams fiber per serving. Plus, no artificial flavors.


Crunchiest Cereal: Life
Life is made from a combination of whole grains, corn flour, and rice flour. It is also fairly low in sugar.


Lowest in Sugar: Kix
Kix has been popular with kids for more than 75 years — and it rates well nutritionally.





Keeps 'Em Full: Mini Wheats Little Bites
“Pretty amazing, like bread with cinnamon on it.” Mini-Wheats Little Bites is more filling than other choices, so start with half a serving.

Check that label! Here’s what to look for when you’re standing, stumped, in the cereal aisle:

  • Sugar: less than 10–12 grams per serving (granola and other “dense” cereals can be slightly higher if the sugar comes from dried fruit)
  • Fiber: a minimum of 2 grams per serving. We kept this figure low to make our roundup kid-friendly. But more is always better.
  • Whole grain: must be listed as the first or second ingredient
  • Saturated fat: less than 1 gram per serving
  • No artificial dyes

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