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Rock Star Family Sweepstakes

Share a photo of your family rockin’ out for a chance to win awesome prizes including a TV, Blu-ray(TM) player, SING on Blu-ray(TM), and a karaoke machine! Go>>

Timex Time Machines Family Sweepstakes!

Share a picture of your family doing a favorite activity for a chance to win a Timex Time Machines watch for your child. 50 winners! Go>>

Find the Time!

Have your kids play this fun, interactive game to practice telling time. Go>>

Smurf-ify Your Family

Upload a photo of your kids to smurf-ify with fun Smurf-inspired stickers. Go>>

Read2Me Tonight

Brush, Book, Bed! Make reading aloud to your kids a part of their bedtime routine to build vocabulary and literacy skills. Get started with a FREE copy of The Three Bees. Go>>

Talk. Read. Sing.

Talking, reading, and singing with your children is not only fun, but also supports their brain development! Check out these melodic resources for parents. Go>>

BFG Activities

The beloved BFG is coming to theaters on July 1st! Get ready for the release with these gloriumptious activities. Go>>

Adventures in Math

Help your child made smart financial decisions with these fun activities. Go>>

The Power of Green

Does your kid leave the lights on in his room when he’s not there? Teach your children the importance of conservation with these family resources from ConEd, and enter The Power of Green contest for a chance to win prizes. Go>>

Save the Planet

Superheroes TurfMutt & the Outdoor Powers teach kids how to save the planet, starting with their own backyards! Help your children understand the importance of green spaces and living landscapes with these hands-on activities. Go>>

Be a Learning Hero

Prepare your child for success with the Learning Heroes Family Playbook. Be informed about state tests and learn other tips to help support your child’s learning progress. Go>>

FREE KidQ App Download for Smart Phones

Why do we get goose bumps?  How do the bubbles get in soda?  The new KidQ app from Scholastic Parent & Child facilitates conversation via fun Q&As about the things that kids (and parents!) are most curious about. Go>>

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