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7 Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

We’ve got seven spooky ideas for family-friendly Halloween decorations — with directions that won’t scare you.
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Mark Lund
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Pumpkins on a Stick

Not all jack-o’-lanterns want to sit quietly on your porch. Give them a view from on high instead!
1. Collect five fairly thick and long sticks from your backyard or a park.
2. Buy five small pumpkins (small enough for your sticks to support; bring the sticks along when you shop for the pumpkins).
3. Carve your pumpkins as you normally would.
4. Create a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin through which one of your sticks will fit snugly.
5. Insert the sticks securely into the ground. Fit a pumpkin on top of each.

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