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How to Help Your Gym-Phobic Child

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February 25, 2016
How to Help Your Gym-Phobic Child

Many parents have experienced that all-too-familiar whine: But I hate gym! If your kids are gym-phobic, you can help by taking the following steps: First, empathize with their feelings. You might say, “I understand what you’re saying” or “I’m sure there are other kids who feel the same way.” Then, try to determine the cause of their resistance. Do they get picked last? Do they feel tired? Offer to help out by engaging in some fun family fitness activities. The key is to make them feel good about their abilities and let them know that their best effort is perfectly good enough. Not all kids are going to be sports stars. If problems persist, contact their school to find out if something more serious, like bullying, may be the culprit.


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