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Adobe Photoshop Elements allows students to make ordinary photos extraordinary; tell engaging stories in personalized creations for print and the web; and easily find and view all photos.

Acrobat 9 provides support for Adobe Flash technology, enabling students and educators to include Adobe Flash Player compatible video and application files in PDF documents.

Byline: Kirk Langer, Director of Technology, Lincoln Public Schools

Teaching Nebraska’s digital natives

Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) is the second largest school district in Nebraska, educating more than 34,000 students a year in 54 schools, including 36 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 6 high schools. LPS offers a strong academic program with an emphasis on math, science, reading, and social studies, and also provides rich opportunities for music, fine arts, athletics, world languages, and a broad range of extracurricular activities.

LPS students are digital natives—youth raised using computers and handheld devices. To prepare its K-12 students to thrive in the digital age, the district chose to involve students in multi-mode learning using digital technology. Success was dependent upon the district’s full commitment to the principles of 21st century literacy across subject areas. LPS understood that technology offered the rare opportunity to reach and engage students of all abilities where traditional modes of aural, visual, and digital literacy overlap.  

Adobe software is helping LPS achieve its learning goals, providing new vehicles to explore topics and create and present curriculum in innovative ways. In classrooms throughout the district, students in grades K-12 are using Adobe solutions—including Adobe Contribute™, Photoshop® Elements, and Acrobat®—to enhance their educational experiences.

Beginning in kindergarten, LPS teachers use Adobe Photoshop Elements in classes across different curricula. As students progress through elementary and middle school, digital proficiencies mature. In classes for fourth and fifth graders, for example, a teacher uses Photoshop Elements with students to illustrate poems and similes in support of the English curriculum.

Adobe software leads the way at LPS to advance digital learning by providing new vehicles to explore topics as well as create and present curriculum in new ways. “Adobe software helps our students better express what they are learning in the classroom. Students explore the subject matter more fully when they can represent their ideas with multimedia content alongside written materials,” says Kirk Langer, director of technology at LPS.

LPS encourages teachers to create classroom websites and post homework assignments, classroom newsletters, pictures of activities, and links to extra worksheets. Nearly 80% of LPS teachers with a Web presence use Adobe Contribute to update and maintain personalized classroom websites that supplement classroom instruction with exciting, interactive content. Teachers appreciate how quickly they can update their websites, and also enjoy highlighting classroom pictures perfected using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

At the high school level, students’ digital education steps up to more sophisticated projects using additional Adobe software. Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year the Adobe CS4 Master Collection was licensed for each of the district’s six high schools. For example, photo-journalism students work digitally and publish content to individual web pages using Dreamweaver, while students in multimedia classes will be using Adobe Premiere to edit video content included in class presentations. By keeping up with industry standards, LPS teachers are better able to prepare students for their college years and beyond.

From administrators to teachers, the lesson is clear: LPS is dedicated to embedding digital technology into its curricula. Using Adobe solutions, the district has successfully enhanced educational opportunities for students across subjects and inspired teachers to embrace technology as an integrated, effective instructional tool. Equally important, it has helped LPS establish new standards of digital interactivity among students, teachers, and families.