ANGEL Learning Management Suite

The ANGEL Learning Management Suite (LMS) is a comprehensive online learning solution that extends learning beyond the classroom and integrates today's technology into teaching and learning.

ANGEL Learning

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Category: Software

Specific type of product: learning management system

Pricing: ANGEL pricing is based on the on the number of users. School and districts frequently first license ANGEL for a small number of users and increase the number of user licenses as their ANGEL adoption grows. Email for specific information.

Best for: K-12 and Higher Education

Which school district personnel should read this: Chief Information Officer, Director of Instructional Technology, Technology Director, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction, Instructional Designer

Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township: 
Addressing Multiple Educational Challenges from Pre-School to High School with One Tool

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township serves an urban and suburban population of nearly 15,000 students in Indianapolis, Indiana. From its pre-school learning center across 11 elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and three alternative schools, the district faces challenges school districts across the U.S. face:

    •     Engage students in learning to help them succeed
    •     Develop a community of highly qualified teachers
    •     Accomplish growing educational challenges on a tight budget

The MSD of Wayne Township addresses these challenges and more with one tool, the ANGEL Learning Management Suite (LMS). The ANGEL LMS brings the power of the internet to teaching and learning, engaging students in and beyond the classroom.

Providing Virtual Credit Recovery & Credit Rescue Programs

Wayne Township first implemented the ANGEL LMS to power its virtual credit recovery program. “We’re proactive about keeping kids in school,” says Paul Kreitl, Director of Technology, MSD of Wayne Township. “Our ANGEL online learning environment is a wonderful virtual credit recovery program. With ANGEL our teachers work with students one-on-one.”  

The success of Wayne’s online credit recovery program led the district to create a Credit Rescue program that uses ANGEL to deliver only the content students need to learn. “Students who score in the 55-60% range obviously learned some things in the class,” says Libby Lawrie, Technology Integration Specialist, MSD Wayne Township. Our online credit recovery program not only increases the chances a student will stay in school, “it has huge buy-in from teachers, because it reduces class size.”

Enriching Teaching and Learning, Managing the Classroom & Developing 21st Century Skills

Teachers in the MSD Wayne of Township choose to use the ANGEL LMS. “The demand to use ANGEL in the traditional classroom is entirely grass roots,” says Kreitl. “Through word of mouth, observation, and their own innovation teachers continue to come up with new ways to use ANGEL in the classroom.”

    •    Teachers’ websites are online in ANGEL.
    •     Many classroom teachers put all their lessons online in ANGEL so students can access them anytime, any place.     “When students are absent, they can get their missed work in ANGEL, and using ANGEL to handle homework, grading, and other classroom management tasks allows teachers to focus on teaching,” Lawrie says.
    • The district’s pre-school learning center develops student skills by putting content online in ANGEL so students and parents can work together outside school hours.
    • An elementary program has students producing podcasts, and teachers posting lectures as podcasts in ANGEL.
    • Special education students in two different buildings practice their writing skills using ANGEL LIVE chat.

Creating Community

The Wayne Township Teacher Resource Center in ANGEL is the central location where teachers access all training materials. For parents, Wayne provides parent education materials in ANGEL. The district also uses ANGEL’s Insight Window to provide parents access to student progress.

Going Green & Cutting $1,000’s in Paper Costs

Sharing IEP’s for the district’s 400 special education students, plans for its 400 ESL students, and curriculum mapping documents in ANGEL “saves thousands of dollars in paper,” according to Lawrie.

Motivated by the MSD of Wayne Township’s current success with the ANGEL LMS Kreitl and Lawrie continue to devise new ways to implement ANGEL to benefit Wayne Township students, teachers, and parents. “Kids and teachers are on ANGEL all hours of the day and night,” Kreitl concludes. “It’s great.”

To learn more about how schools and districts are benefiting from the ANGEL LMS, visit the ANGEL website and read their stories: