August New Teacher Survival Guide

Get more than 50 ideas for a successful start to the school year. Whether you are a brand new teacher or a veteran educator, you will find tips, tricks, and strategies to help.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

From setting up your classroom to brainstorming icebreaker activities, these tips and tricks will have you prepped, relaxed, and ready just in time for the first day of school.


Preparing Your Classroom

Our Easy Guide to Setting Up Your Classroom (K–5)
At last, a classroom of your own! Time to roll up your shirtsleeves and begin transforming that empty space into a warm and inviting place for your first class. Here's how.

The New Teacher's Crash Course on Setting Up Your Classroom (6–8)
Preparing your classroom for the arrival of your students is probably high on the list of your priorities. Here are some teacher-tested tips to make it easier and more successful.

How to Make an Old Classroom New Again
As a new teacher, a big challenge will be setting up your new classroom and making it your own. Read on for advice.

Clip and Save Checklist: Get Ready for the First Day of School!
There's so much to do before your first day in the classroom. This easy-to-follow checklist will have you relaxed and ready for your students and their parents to arrive!

Fit to Print: Use This Handy Seating Chart
A seating chart to start your school year.

"Been There, Done That" Tips & Ideas 
Whether you have two days, two weeks, or two months during the summer to prepare for the first day of school, the time goes by too fast. Discover how other new teachers have managed to get all the essentials done before the bell.

Bookshelf Bests: Favorite Books for Back-to-School (K–5) 
Here are some must-have, back-to-school titles for every new teacher in grades K–5.

Bookshelf Bests: Great Books for Beginning of the Year Stories About Middle Schoolers, Friends, and Fitting In (6–8) 
For grades 6–8, a teacher's must-have, back-to-school booklist.

Time Management Tip for New Teachers: Outsmart the Clutter
Clutter in the classroom means valuable instructional time lost scrambling to find small items like math manipulatives, glue sticks, and extra No. 2 pencils. Here's how to avoid clutter chaos.


First Day of School Icebreakers 

You're not the only one excited and nervous about the first day of school. Your students are, too! Here are several getting-to-know-you activities that will help everyone break the ice and create a sense of classroom camaraderie from the very beginning of the school year.



New Teacher Survival Guide

Find practical and easy-to-use tips, solutions, and advice to help make your first year in the classroom a success.