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Champions Online Tutoring uses a one-on-one web based design to provide individualized lessons to students interested in further development of math skills.

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Grades four through eight

Product Description:

Champions Online Tutoring is an interactive web-based offering that addresses the unique math needs of children in grades four through eight. The program is designed with convenience and flexibility for schools in mind, with the ability to determine the length of program based upon their individual student needs, and to host 60-minute sessions directly on-site in a school computer lab, or remotely on personal computers from home.

One tutor is provided for every four students. Learning plans are designed to meet individual student needs identified during their individual pre-tests. These pre-tests are taken upon enrollment in order to accurately pinpoint skill gaps and areas of strength.

As an online offering, Champions is able to tap in to a pool of talented instructors from across the U.S. with the credentials needed to effectively coach students in all areas of math. Champions’ qualified educators lead tutoring sessions via an interactive web portal providing individual attention and support to each student including English language learners or those with special needs. Verbal interaction is encouraged through headsets over a voice-over IP (VOIP) configuration, in addition to a variety of on-screen tools available including a chat feature, a whiteboard drawing tool, a “raise hand” option for students to ask questions, virtual math manipulatives, and motivational stamps for instructors to provide positive feedback as they monitor students’ work.

Student progress is measured throughout the program and with the completion of a post- test at the program’s conclusion, which identifies skills developed and areas for continued growth.

Case Study
The Success of Champions Online Tutoring in Buena Vista’s Public Schools

Buena Vista is a small school district in the town of Saginaw, Michigan. It runs four schools with a population of approximately 3,000 students. In 2008 Buena Vista middle schools had a population of students struggling an average two grade levels behind in math and were clearly in need of after school instruction. The district had an established relationship with Champions as the provider of its summer school academic program. Based on its success, Champions was asked to provide an after school solution that not only delivered academic results, but that encourages a love of learning.

Champions offered its Online Tutoring program to the Buena Vista district as a way to provide one-on-one attention to students. Targeting Buena Vista’s sixth through eighth grade students, the online math tutoring program was made available not only to students struggling in the subject, but also to students interested in enrichment learning.

Champions Online Tutoring program debuted at Buena Vista’s Ricker Middle School in January of 2009. The district enrolled 48 students in the Champions program, but district planners believe that nearly every middle-school student will be looking to participate in the program during the 2009-2010 school year.


In order to monitor the Buena Vista students’ progress, Champions administered pre-assessment tests to the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students enrolled. Results found the average student’s instructional level to be at the fourth grade.

After six weeks and 32 hours of math instruction in two areas, Number & Operations and Concepts & Applications, enrolled students took a post-assessment test to determine progress in each math subject. Buena Vista students in the Online Tutoring program achieved an average increase of one instructional grade level over the course of the program bringing the group from a fourth to a fifth grade math level. Additional results include:

• Eighth grade students demonstrated an average 33 point increase between their pre and post-tests in Number & Operations. The average increase between pre and post tests in Concepts & Applications was 34 points.

• Seventh grade students showed an average 14 point increase in Number & Operations between pre and post assessment tests. Concepts & Applications showed a 16 point increase.

• Sixth graders showed an average 42 point increase in the subject of Number & Operations. Concepts & Applications showed an increase of 24 points.

District Reaction

When asked about the improvements seen as a result of the Champions summer school and online tutoring programs, Deb Rosebush, Grant Facilitator with the Buena Vista School District, remarked that the programs have given the students and teachers a renewed interest in education and teaching. “The students have experienced a connection between learning and fun, using new technologies and activities that have inspired them to continue learning,” said Rosebush.

Rosebush added, “Teachers have observed the students’ positive response to the new online tutoring programs and have been inspired to find new ways to approach their students in the classroom.” Rosebush also noted a significant increase in the number of district teachers interested in participating in the Champions summer program for 2009.

The Buena Vista School District attributes the success of the Champions programming to the company’s dedication to students’ needs and constant revision of programming to meet those needs. “These programs have consistently met and exceeded the expectations of our district,” said Sharron Jenkins Norman Superintendent of the Buena Vista School District. “It is assuring to know that a company cares about the district and the needs of the children, and that the services are personalized to the students’ needs, while maintaining excellence in execution.”