Chief Bearheart Teaches

American Indian Heritage Month comes alive on the Internet

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8

Modern technology brought the past into the present to talk about the future when Kid Reporter Joseph O'Connor interviewed Chief Bobby Johns Bearheart via Skype.

Bearheart is Chief of the Perdido Bay Tribe of the Creek Indians near Pensacola, Florida. He travels the country to teach school children about his people, hosts bus loads of kids on his tribal lands to experience his culture, and invites the world to "wander through the pages of our website" to learn about Creek Indian heritage. He also inspired a book, Strong Fox: How Fox Came to Help a Village Grow Stronger, written by Stan Cartwright and Edna Dixon, which tells a Creek Indian story that is like the ones told to Creek Indian children.

Joseph hooked onto the Internet from Scholastic headquarters in New York City, while the Chief relaxed near a computer at his office in Florida. (And yes, those are boxes of Kid Reporter applications in the background on Joseph's side of the screen!)

You can learn more about Chief Bearheart and his educational programs for kids at the tribe's website at

Click play for the complete interview!

chief bearheart

American Indian Heritage Month

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