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Free Scientific Method Posters

Teach the scientific method with our free, colorful step-by-step posters.

  • Grades: 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Scientific Method Posters 

Teach students about the scientific method using our colorful miniposters. There’s one miniposter for each step of the process, with corresponding details so kids can understand what’s involved.

How to Use the Posters in Class

  1. Introduce the scientific method as the process that real-world scientists follow, and that you will follow in the classroom as well.
  2. Consider hanging the posters in a horizontal line. After each step, students can write their questions, hypotheses, observations, and conclusions on sticky notes and post them underneath the corresponding poster.
  3. Use the posters as visual reminders of the elements that students always need to include in their written lab reports.

Download the FREE Scientific Method Posters (PDF) now! 

Download the posters in Black and White -- a perfect way to save ink!

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