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Meet Formative Assessment and Student Achievement Goals with LS Test Builder.

LearningStation (product is LS Test Builder)

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Type of product: Internet; Assessment

Pricing: LS Test Builder licensing is based on the number of students within a school site and is calculated per site using the total site population. A school with 450-500 students can expect to pay $2 per student for a 12-month license.

Best for: Grades 3-12, language arts, math, social studies and science. (Area, Grade Level, Subject)



Educators can quickly and easily create standards-aligned practice tests and obtain immediate feedback on student performance for differentiated instruction and achievement on state assessments.

Teachers create and deliver state standards-aligned practice tests and view reports on student performance via an intuitive online interface. Reports provide data on individual student or class performance, giving teachers important information to apply differentiated instruction where it is needed most. Teachers can draw from thousands of preloaded standards-aligned test questions for language arts, math, social studies and science in grades 3-12 or create their own custom questions. Tests can also be saved and shared with teachers across schools and districts.

Best Practice Whitepaper/Case Study-

Hope Street Academy, the largest charter high school in Kansas and part of the Topeka Public School District, needed an assessment tool to gauge student skill levels. “Students often come to Hope Street Academy from multiple districts within the county and we don’t always have very good information about their skills,” said Laura Smith, curriculum coordinator at Hope Street Academy. The lack of information made it difficult to know where to apply instruction to ensure each student was learning and succeeding. Like many schools across the country, Hope Street Academy was also looking for a way to boost scores on state assessments to meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) goals.

Hope Street Academy began using LearningStation’s formative assessment tool, LS Test Builder, midway through the 2005-2006 school year. LS Test Builder enabled educators to quickly and easily create state standards-aligned formative assessments to help improve test scores and provide differentiated instruction to individual students. As a Web-based tool, implementation was quick and simple. Teachers and students all received an individual user name and password and were able to enter the program safely and securely from any location with internet access. LS Test Builder is provided as a free service to all Kansas schools through a partnership with Kan-ed, the state-wide network.

Assessments from LS Test Builder gave educators at Hope Street Academy a sense of where to begin instruction with students just entering the school. “Our teachers love LS Test Builder because it gives them vital information about a student’s skill levels early in the year,” said Laura. “From the day a student walks into school, our teachers have a tool that enables them to instantly assess what that student knows, corroborating or calling into question data from other sources.”

“Our teachers use LS Test Builder as a formative assessment tool and as a teaching tool in the classroom,” said Laura. Teachers are able to assign a short formative assessment on a specific indicator and immediately see how the entire class answered each question. Having this data made it easy to teach to the skills where there were gaps in knowledge and focus less on skills the students were already comfortable with. Individual student reports enabled teachers to differentiate instruction and work with particular students on particular content areas. According to Laura, “Those reports are the most valuable thing we can possibly have in modifying and individualizing instruction.” Information from LS Test Builder reports is also used to build or modify student schedules to give them extra exposure to certain skills where they may be lacking and keep them on track for graduation.

Hope Street Academy has taken outstanding strides to ensure every student is successful and is proud to announce they have met AYP requirements in both reading and math for the fourth year in a row. “We have to know where our students are and where they are heading in order to help them be successful. With LS Test Builder we are able to teach, assess, and then make adjustments where needed. LS Test Builder is true differentiated instruction at its best.”