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School Improvement Network's on-demand professional development platform.

Company: School Improvement Network

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Pricing: Cost is $2,995 per school.

Best for: Elementary and Secondary Educators

* 2005 Telly Award: Dealing with Teachers That Are Resistant to Change
* 2003 Telly Award: Closing the Achievement Gap

The School Improvement Network’s PD 360 Raises Student Achievement by 11.3 Percent

October 23, 2008 – Salt Lake City, UT - As schools across the country search for proven ways to increase student achievement, thousands of schools, including fourteen schools in Hawaii, have found a solution. For the past year, these Hawaii schools utilized PD 360, the School Improvement Network's on-demand professional development platform. Recent data shows that using PD 360 significantly increased reading scores. Considering that PD 360 typically costs less than $75 per teacher per year, these achievements are truly remarkable.

Data from schools that heavily used PD 360 verify PD 360's effectiveness. Schools that consistently used PD 360 experienced an average of 6.9 points in improvement, a rate of improvement 8.3 times higher than schools without PD 360. The 6.9 points translates into a gain in scores of 11.3 percent, a significantly higher percentage than other schools.

Averaging reading scores at all schools that used PD 360, regardless of whether they used it relatively lightly or heavily, shows an average gain of 4.2 points on 2008 standardized reading tests, a rate over 5 times greater than schools without PD 360. The 4.2 points translates into an average improvement of 6.5 percent over 2007, versus 1.4 percent for non-PD 360 schools.

"Statistically, these data clearly validate the impact of PD 360 on student performance and teacher efficacy. It seems appropriate that any school seeking to experience significant gains would strongly consider these compelling data," said Dr. Steve Shaha, independent evaluator of the PD 360 program.

Used by over 200,000 educators, PD 360 is an on-demand professional development resource that allows subscribers to instantly access nearly 1,000 research-based video segments. Segments address highly relevant educational issues by presenting advice from the leading experts and showing real best-practice classroom examples. Because video segments are searchable and instantly available, educators can always access information that answers their questions and provides timely support. In addition to its vast content library, PD 360 provides integrated follow-up tools, reflection activities, tracking, and collaboration and community discussion forums and file sharing to promote greater implementation of learning.

PD360 provides resources and tools for the way you do professional development in large group or whole faculty instruction, small groups or learning communities, one on one coaching or mentoring, and independent study. For example, used as a basis for professional learning communities, PD 360 gives teachers and leaders a solid research-based resource to help them stay focused on proven methods for improving student achievement. Schools that heavily used PD 360 in the context of professional learning communities saw the average gain of 11.3 percent in reading scores.

Educators are increasingly more interested in finding web-based professional development resources. In 2007, over 26 percent of teachers chose online learning as their first choice for their own professional development, compared to only 7 percent in 2006.*

* Learning in the 21st Century: A Trends Update (2008). Project Tomorrow and Blackboard Inc.

> PD360.com has a “strategy of the week” that is posted to sustain implementation and raise user confidence.
> One of the most popular features of PD 360 is Share-a-Link, which enables for users to share video segments through email.
> PD 360 offers a wide variety of on-demand courses that enable districts to provide teachers with structured learning within PD 360’s easy-to-use interface. 
> Through PD 360’s virtual on-demand learning community, teachers can share ideas, participate in forums, upload lesson plans, and share web links