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Quick Ideas: Blindfold Bobbing (Prek-K)

Teach counting and object recognition with this twist on the traditional bobbing for apples game.

  • Grades: PreK–K

Focus skills: Sorting, sensory integration

What to do: Place a dozen carefully washed apples in a large plastic tub. Fill the rest of the tub with oranges, potatoes, tennis balls, and other items of similar size and shape to an apple. Invite pairs of children to visit the tub; one with a blindfold. Challenge the blindfolded child to take an item out of the tub and determine whether or not it is an apple.

The other students should make two piles, “apples” and “not apples” and count the number of objects in each. Then the children should switch roles.

  • Part of Collection:
  • Subjects:
    Counting and Numbers, Early Math, Sorting, Autumn Themes

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