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Video management software for improved security and operations

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Video management software
Video management software for improved security and operations

Approximate pricing for 10-camera network video solution including IP cameras, installation.
VMS Software ranges from $15,000 - $20,000

Best for:

K-12 schools, security and operations

Which School District Personnel should read this?
Administrators (principals, assistant principals, superintendents) and School Resource Officers

Wren VMS Software lets schools capture, review and manage video from multiple locations and easily access live and archived video from a PC.

Network Video Makes the Grade at Jefferson City High School

In the heart of Missouri, Jefferson City High School (JCHS) makes security a top priority. Previously, JCHS’s video surveillance equipment consisted of a few analog video cameras. Increasingly, the school’s staff was finding that the legacy surveillance system was outdated and lacked the ability to provide quality video images of all key areas across the cam¬pus and most importantly, easy access to video files. To improve security and to invest in cutting-edge video solutions and software, JCHS turned to network video solution provider, Wren.

The administration’s first step was to invest in more cameras to capture video in high traffic areas. Additionally, the ad¬ministration implemented Wren Video Management System (VMS) Software to make it easy to retrieve, view, and share video images now being captured from so many vital points across campus.

Julia Koch, Assistant Principal, came on board at JCHS as the second set of cameras was being deployed. “After progressing through the initial learning curve of a new video system, we were quickly able to real¬ize the benefits of our new network video system,” recalled Koch.

Whereas use of the old system was limited to primarily post-incident investigations, the new network video system is now used on an increasingly proactive basis to identify potential problems and correct them. A key enabler for taking a proactive stance with operational and security improvements is the VMS Software that enables Koch to easily review video on her PC when¬ever she needs to.

“We have limited staff and time, so quick and easy access to the video is essential to making it useful to us on a daily basis. Initially, we were using the video to investigate incidences, but as we learn more about the capabilities of the system and the ease of locating critical video, we are beginning to use insights from video on a proactive basis,” noted Koch. Most recently, Koch has been using video to monitor and evaluate processes and staff performance during emergency drills.

“We absolutely must ensure maximum speed and efficiency during these drills. In addition, we need to test the ability of students and staff to deal with obstacles that present themselves,” said Koch. In a recent drill, Koch blocked a couple of the exits to test students and staff response.

Watching the evacuation process live using Wren VMS Software, Koch was able to measure the additional time it took to evacuate and provide recommendations to staff on other exits that would have reduced their time to evacuate.

Koch is also using video to capture and resolve incidences. Recently, there were a couple of rare but serious incidences on campus. JCHS was able to pull video from a number of different cameras across campus to track intruders and piece together a vandalism event.

“Law enforcement was extremely impressed with the quality video we were able to provide. It really was essential in their investigation and prosecution of the crime.” said Koch.Thanks to Wren VMS Software, JCHS is advancing security and operations.