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Step Inside Room 26 – Stacey Burt’s Classroom

By Stacey Burt on July 28, 2009
  • Grades: 6–8

Welcome to my 6th grade classroom at the Discovery School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Serving gifted and high achievers, join me in exploring instructional differentiation through technology integration, authentic field and lab experiences, and extensions of practical applications for math and science concepts.

Welcome to my 6th grade classroom at the Discovery School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Serving gifted and high achievers, join me in exploring instructional differentiation through technology integration, authentic field and lab experiences, and extensions of practical applications for math and science concepts. Understand why is it critical to “keep it real” for this population by connecting knowledge to real world experiences.

Peek inside room 26, and find helpful hints for classroom organization, journaling, creative seating, and opportunities for helping students pursue outside interests. Examine community resources for starting competitive math and robotic teams. Appreciate the value of journaling across the curriculum that makes learning fun and real for all students. In addition, get practical ideas for grant writing and grant opportunities to enhance your already engaging classroom.

I hope you will join me often for postings and updates, and I look forward to another awesome year of ”keepin’ it real.”

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Hi Stacey, Congrats on becoming a teacher mentor. I also embrace your idea of connecting learning to student experiences this is an important part of learning for ALL students. Have a great year!!

Hi Tracey-

Thanks for reading the posts and taking the time to respond. I hope you return often and add your input to our blogs.

Thanks again-


Stacey, this was so cool!! I loved this website! I want to know where I can get the lighting and how to "rig" it up? You are amazing!! Ethyl


Thanks for the kind words. The lighting is simply laterns that I picked up at Target a couple of years ago; however, I believe that Pier One stocks them all the time. I used a power strip to plug all the cords into and secured it to the wall with velcro. I also bundled the cords together with zip ties to help it look a lot less cluttered.

Good luck arranging the lighting in your classroom this year and please visit the site often for new posts and updates.



What an inspiration you are! Thank you for posting a video of your room and sharing your philosophy with us. Your room invites substantive inquiry, innovation, and nurtures the creative spirit. Your blog reminds us of the importance of getting to know our students. I wish your former student a swift and full healing.

I look forward to reading future blogs and wish you the very best in the new school year.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and read last week's blog. The kind comments were heart-warming, and know that Ian's recovery plan is in tact and he is insisting that HE will cure his own cancer. Can't go wrong with an attitude like that, he's remarkable.

Best wishes to you as well for a fantastic school year.

All the best-


Stacy, I just watched your video and enjoyed seeing new ideas for a middle school classroom. I teach reading and it has been more difficult for me to incorporate technology and project learning into my classroom. Any ideas?


I enjoyed your classroom video. It is just what I needed to give me that little boost at the beginning of this school year. Could you elaborate a little more about the math competition. I teach 7th grade math. I have 5 sections with about 24 students in each class. Thanks! Doreen

Stacey, I love your room, but I have a challenge for you. I have to get 30 student desks (old one piece style) into a relatively narrow room. I love to have them be grouped, but simply moving around with so many 7th graders is a nightmare! What would you suggest?

Thank you for sharing so many ideas. I just wish the video had been slower and longer so I could see more of yoru room. What behaviors do students exhibit to use the yoga balls? Are they the 55 cm or 65 cm size? How did you attach the art to the ceiling?

Hi Marci- Thank you for your positive comments and taking the time to post on the blog. I find that the yoga balls work best for my students that typically stand up or move around during the time they are engaged in classwork; however, all students seem to share an interest in at least "trying" the yoga balls for a day. You'll find that some students don't find them appealing at all, they prefer to sit in their assigned chair. The 55 cm size works best for the desks that I have in my classroom. You can find them at Target or Walmart for under 10 dollars.

The tessellations were created by my students and drawn directly onto the ceiling tiles. These can also be purchased 8 to 10 per pack for about $24.00 at either Lowes or Home Depot (just in case your administrator may want you to provide you own).

Have a great weekend and thanks for checking out the blog.

Cheers- Stacey

I am from Spain. I am a special education teacher. I teach 7 and 8 grade in Miami Florida. I love your idea of displaying the student's work in the ceeling. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Maria!

Thanks for taking the time to post on the blog. The tessellations on the ceiling tiles were not only a way to get my students to create original designs, but a method for them to demonstrate their knowledge of transformations in geometry. It's really cool to work with your art teacher and tie in the art work of M.C. Escher as well.

Here's to a wonderful weekend and I hope you visit the blog often.

Cheers- Stacey

Stacey, Your video came out great! I really wish you were my science teacher in middle school. I love all the hands on activities. I am looking forward to getting some science ideas from you that I can bring to kindergarten! Megan Power

Wow Stacey - I wish you could have been my math & science teacher! I'm looking forward to learning lots from you this year. Cheers, Linder

Thanks Linder for the sweet words. I'm looking forward to posting ideas as well as receiving ideas from other teachers this year. Smiles- Stacey

Victoria, what an incredible adventure this going to be! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented team.

Stacey, thank you for sharing your video. This is my second year teaching grade 6-8 science and I am in need of new ideas! I look forward to checking in often. I am looking for a good way to start each class day, any ideas, send them my way.

Hi Jayne! Thank you for taking the time to make comments and post on the site! Don't you love teaching middle grades science? I will be posting numerous ideas that infuse technology into science and hope to receive new ideas from those of you that post here as well. I am willing to share and help out in any way possible.

As far as starting class each day, it varies for me. Some days I try to start with some sort of small and quick hands on activity (like something Steve Spangler"ish") to engage the students. Other days we may start with some sort of bell ringer. I usually turn those into team events and track the points for each team for a month at a time. I don't know about your students, but mine are extremely competitive and they try everything they can to remain in the team lead. Yet there are other days I start with some sort of brain teaser to get them "thinking."

Good luck and have a wonderful school year.

Happy Friday! Stacey


Your video is AWESOME, and your room looks fantastic. I am looking forward to learning from you this year. You just rock it out on the creativity scale, and I love it. :)

Much respect,


Stacey, you are an amazing teacher to be working with through Scholastic.com for the 2009-2010 school year. You are spunky and just overall sensational. I think your video looks fantastic!

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