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By Eric Antuna on July 30, 2009

Hello!  My name is Eric Antuna and I teach 2nd grade at Agua Caliente Elementary School in Cathedral City, CA. Nearly 70 percent of the students at Agua Caliente are designated English language learners, with Spanish being the most prevalent primary language. In addition to being a school with a large amount of English language learners, Agua Caliente is also a designated low-income Title 1 school serving disadvantaged students in the Coachella Valley.

The challenges the staff and I tackle head-on are the students' deficits in language and their lack experiential knowledge due to social and economic disadvantages. The students in our classes need to be exposed to quality instructional practices in reading, writing, and math, with differentiated techniques and multiple perspectives to be meaningful to them. To accomplish this, I have created many activities that not only engage students, but also help to build an intrinsic motivation that will have a lasting impact long after they leave my classroom.

I have designed centers in guided reading, science, social studies, and the core reading curriculum to support my students as they strive to rise to their own potential. I strive to have those gaps filled by bringing the world into our classroom by using multimedia, realia, and providing educational support long after the last school bell has rung. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with other teachers around the nation to share great ideas and meaningful strategies!


Eric Antuna


Hola very cool work. Got one for you. Will a hard boiled egg that has sat in vinegar for a week bounce? Love you guys. Lisa


Thanks for the comment!


Thanks Eric for sharing your second grade classroom! I also teach second grade and you have given me a few ideas to implement this year. I hope to check in often to see what's going on in your room!


Thanks for the comment! I hope you get many more ideas each time you visit. If you have good ideas, please let us know!


Hi Eric, I'm a second grade teacher too and I enjoy your blog. Your video is excellent and gave me ideas about items and displays to add, as well as organizational tips. It's great that you respond to blogger's comments because when you respond you draw in teachers.


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate the responses from teachers. I love learning, and if someone can do it better, I'd love to hear it! Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you in the future!


Research shows that the more parents are involved in the classroom the more successful their children will be. To promote more parental involvement and communication, I use the tools I found on


I can create supply lists, classroom party invitations, volunteers forms and donation requests. My parents are thrilled with my communication efforts and the children seem to enjoy their parents knowing more about our classroom activities.

Lalena -

Thanks for the helpful tip!


This is great. I could see parents benefitting from this management system in the context of their household. Good job!

Eric, I also teach second grade and was inspired by your organization skills. I hope to try some of the great things I saw in your classroom this year. I am also interested in learning more about the generic worksheets you use in your writing center. Anything you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Erica- I'll find my worksheets and post them shortly.

Thanks for commenting! -Eric

This is my third year teaching and I have just been moved to second grade. I must have paused your video 5 times to jot down notes! I am interested in learning more about the generic worksheets you use in your writing center. Do you have a specific website for them?

Terri- I don't have a specific site, but, I can send you some if you just let me know which you'd like to see. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of!

Thanks! -Eric

Your classroom looks like a very inviting place. Your students must love to come to school. Your video was very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Brenda- Thanks for the kind comment!


I enjoyed watching the tour of your classroom. I agree, it is jam packed with information. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Kelley- Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it! -Eric

Eric, your video is jam-packed with so much good information. I can't wait to read more this year about the various activities and strategies in your classroom. Have a great back to school!


Thanks for the great feedback! Please send me anything you'd like to see further!


Hi Eric,

Your video is excellent! You have a lot of great ideas and I will definately be incorporating them into my classroom this year. Thank you for sharing them.

Eric, your ideas were great! I especially liked the way you posted your students work. I plan on trying that idea. Keep the new ideas coming! Thanks, Nancy Mac

Nancy- This year I changed it a bit, I put them lower so THEY could file the work, and guess what? IT'S SO FANTASTIC! They are so proud of their work and allows me more time to do the 1,000s of other things to do rather than file! I bought mine a few years back, but you can purchase in store or online here:


Good Luck!


Thank you for the great and effective ideas. An interactive listening center is a great way to to get students more involved in the reading process.

Christine- I agree. It helps students focus and become accountable for their work to be done.

Thanks for the comment! -Eric

Eric, Your video came out great! I am looking forward to reading about your work with your ELL population. Megan Power

Eric - already got some great ideas on how to share with colleagues -- thanks!

Robert - Great! I'm so glad to hear that! Please let me know if there is any more you'd like to see!

Eric, you really did do a fabulous job on your video. You have all kinds of organized and exciting centers for your students. I know you will definitely inspire your fellow 1-2 teachers this year.

Thank you so much for sharing ideas on learning centers. I need to add more to my rotation and these will fit in perfectly!

This was so enlightening. You must be a fabulous teacher. I wish more teachers were like you.

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