Welcome to Mrs. Power's Classroom

By Megan Power on July 31, 2009
  • Grades: PreK–K

Welcome to Mrs. Power’s kindergarten classroom at Del Sur Elementary School in San Diego, California. Come take a quick tour to see how it's set up to make kindergarten an exciting and successful year! Through weekly blogs and videos, I am looking forward to sharing lessons, creative ideas, and management tips.

Welcome to Mrs. Power’s kindergarten classroom at Del Sur Elementary School in San Diego, California. Come take a quick tour to see how it's set up to make kindergarten an exciting and successful year! Through weekly blogs and videos, I am looking forward to sharing lessons, creative ideas, and management tips. I will also be sharing ways to use technology in your classroom to promote purposeful and realistic learning opportunities for our youngest students.


Visit our blog often to see how project based and service learning activities heighten my students’ interest in learning and increase student achievement. This year my students and I are piloting a one-to-one laptop program. I am looking forward to sharing this as we blaze the trail in this new wave of technology integration.

My students love making classroom movies! We use various editing software to create movies that teach a topic or display what we have learned. This year I will be sharing how you can create movies at various levels so you can transform your students into movie stars!

Something that will make this blog more powerful and comprehensive is by adding your comments. Please comment as much as you would like to share your helpful thoughts and ideas with all of us. A collaborative environment is the best way to help each other grow!


Mrs. Megan Power


I like the lucky ducky ducks, the grouchy lady bug art, and the tshirts to display student writing. Can you post directions on how you utilized each and the template and directions to make them. -Mary

Mary, Thank you for your comment. The Lucky Ducks template came from the DLTK website. We were working on farm animals and we were learning about ducks. The students were able to decorate these ducks the way they wanted to.

The Grouchy Ladybug went with our Eric Carle author study. We discussed feelings and I took each child's picture with a grumpy face. They cut them out and added to their ladybug. The students also wrote about feeling grouchy and how they feel better. There is no pattern for these. I just drew a circle and added a half circle for the head. The wings were just the same size circel except cut in half. The students traced these from my patterns. During this time of the year we were working on telling time. This is a great book for teaching time with the clocks on every page. The students had to find matching clocks and times to glue onto their wings.

Because I do not have much display space in my classroom, I use the T-shirts to help display student work. I got this idea from a former colleage. It is a large T-shirt made from posterboard that the students paint. I put paper clips through slits to hang student work. This is a colorful display even in between diplaying work.

Thanks again for your comment! Smiles, Megan

Loved checking out your video. I have been out of the Kindergarten scene for so long, over 30 years, that I was astounded to see the many changes that have taken place both academically as well as esthetically!!! Kudos to you!!!

Thank you! We have a lot of fun and learn a lot! It is amazing how much kindergarten has changed! Thanks for your comment! Smiles, Megan

Hi Megan- I love your classroom. I look forward to hearing about your classroom and the activities you do this year!

Thank you for your positive words. I am looking forward to sharing some of the things were are doing in my classroom. Please continue to contribute to our blog so we can learn from you too! Smiles, Megan

I loved your video. I can't wait to learn more about your classroom ideas this year.

Thank you very much. I had a lot of fun making that video. I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity to share a glimpse into my classroom and learn from so many other teachers! Smiles, Megan

Megan, when do you anticipate blogging about your "Tell Me All About It" bulletin board? What a great idea!!!!

Kathleen, Thank you for reading my blog! I anticipate blogging about the "Tell Me All About It" board in September. We start school this Thursday and I want to get it up and running to take pictures. I don't have any from the beginning of the year.

So many great things to share. Please continue to contribute to our blog and let me know what you are interested in hearing about.

Sending smiles, Megan Power

Where would we get a green screen? Are they expensive? I loved the video and your classroom thanks.

Patricia, Thank you very much! There are tons of places online where you can purchase a green screen (google green screen or chromakey green screen) or you can even make one. You can use green paper, material, or paint if you are on a budget. Try looking for a bright green material from a fabric store. I have even seen people use green bed sheets. I also have a colleague that used green paper once and it worked as well.

If you would like to purchase on online you can buy the material all the way up to a self standing green screen like I have. Mine cost about $200 through image west. They sell material and even a flexible green screen for just $59. www.imagewest.tv You can even find them on Amazon and ebay.

Do you use a particular editing software or are you just beginning?

Please keep in touch and continue to contribute to our blog. I would love to hear about the great things you are doing! Sending Smiles, Megan Power

I would love to integrate videos/editing into my Kindergarten classroom. I am hoping you can provide more info on this and how to get started! Thanks so much!

Christina, I am excited about sharing how you can do this down at the pre-k and K level. Please continue to contribute to our blog. It will be an exciting year! Sending kindergarten smiles, Megan Power

Setting up a Kindergarten classroom is an overwhelming task whether you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher as myself. You shared 'good sound advice' to help make this an easier task. The visual exploration of your classroom through your video is excellent and very informative. Loved it all and am looking forward to learning more, especially integrating more technology in my classroom. Mary :)

Mary, Thanks! Please make sure to share all of your wonderful ideas this year. You are an amazing kindergarten teacher! Sending kindergarten smiles :) Megan

Hey Ms. Megan, I did check out the website that you recommended for the class moms. www.signupgenius.com

I think it would be perfect for any volunteer coordinators, team moms, and teachers as well as class moms organize fundraising events.

We used it for Amanda's cheerleading 4th of July parade signups and it worked so well, getting more volunteers than we have ever had. It really makes it so much easier than calling and emailing parents individually. I'm going to start using it for all of our events like car washes and parties and stuff.

I'm going to recommend it to the other class moms because I know how it has been so difficult for them to get volunteers.

Thanks again.

Helena, Great! I am glad that is helpful! Please continue to contribute to our blog! Megan

Hi Megan, I love your classroom library setup and all your centers. You have amazing technology resources and I can't wait to see how the one-to-one laptop program works for you this year. I look forward to reading your blog! Ekaterina

Ekaterina, Thank you! I am working on my next blog post about my classroom library. It will be up Friday August 14. I am very excited as well to see how the one to one comes out. I can see it being so powerful! Please continue to contribute to my blog. I would love to keep hearing from you!

Sending kindergarten smiles, Megan Power

Wow! I am just starting my first year teaching and I love the way your classroom is so well organized and student centered! I really loved the "Tell me about board"! I would love to learn more!! Thanks so much!

Christy, Congratulations on getting a job and starting your wonderful career! The first year has its challenges but is so rewarding. Thank you for your kind words about my classroom. I think as a teacher you are forever organizing your classroom to make it work smoother no matter how many years of experience you have! Have a great year and please continue to comment and let us know how your first year is going and how I can help you get through it! Sending kindergarten smiles, Megan Power

Yes! No matter how old my students are, I can always benefit from Green Screen 101 with Mrs. Power! :) I really want to introduce this to them!

Victoria, Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to sharing a lot with you this year! Megan

Kari, Thank you for your comment. I love editing movies with my students. It really helps them to see the whole writing process in a different and many times more meaningful way. I am looking forward to hearing from you more this year! Sending Kindergarten Smiles, Megan Power

Can't wait to learn more! I am really excited to see how you use video editing with your student!

Christine, Thanks for your comment and your kind words. I love using the "Tell Me About It" board. I will be posting about it soon. Please continue to post comments and share what you are doing in your class! Sending Kindergarten Smiles, Megan Power

I love the "watch for Clifford" idea. I found as I watched your tour I was saying, "Oh good, there's Clifford." I'm particularly interested in the Tell me all about it bulletin board. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long for more information on that one!

Megan, you exert 110%. You certainly made a sensational video, and your classroom is very spacious to accommodate every learner!

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