Grandparents Day is September 13!

By Eric Antuna on September 10, 2009

Take the time to celebrate grandparents in your classroom with simple activities!

Each year I like to take time to celebrate families around traditional holidays, such as Mother's Day and Father's Day, but often grandparents are overlooked. And more often than not I'm finding students being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. So, let's celebrate!

These are a few activities that I do, as well as, some gleaned from

1. Write a simple letter (a 2nd grade California state standard). Having students go through the process of writing the five parts to a letter will give them a valid topic to write about, as well as, practice in standards- based writing!

2. Take a photo of the students and print them or have them printed (I prefer to go to a kiosk and have them developed in one hour). Glue them to a folded piece of construction paper and voila! a personally created greeting card!  Ask students to rewrite the letter in the the card and you've connected the project to the card. Simple enough!

3. Make an accordion photo card. Take a sheet of construction paper (9' x 24") and cut it in half long ways. Accordion fold about three inches back and fourth. Add a picture of the student on the front and have students write short sayings, poems or short notes on each panel of the accordion. (This activity was modified from

4. Invite Grandparents to tea. Provide juice and graham crackers for refreshments and allow informal time to bring families together in your classroom. Schedule it for the last 30 minutes of the day to avoid taking away from instructional time.

Note of Advice: Some students don't have grandparents. I always make this assignment optional out of respect for the personal and religious beliefs of the family. Another option is to let students write a letter to anyone, about whatever they want.  Most opt for the assignment if it is something they are allowed to do.


Please let me know if you have any ideas!  



P.S. Thank you Linda Fung for the great site!


My children's school has Grandparents Day every year. The class does a play or song for the grandparents. The grandparents share lunch with their grandkids. This is a great day for both my kids and my in-laws who love being involved in their grandchildren's lives. Love the ideas and will share with their school

Kay- Thanks for sharing! I love the perspective from parents. I wish you and your children great success this and many more years to come!



The accordian fold is such a great idea and one you can use with so many things. I am sure every grandparent loved getting their letter. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

thanks for reminding me about the old accordian fold project. what a nifty way to say a lot in short notes. all ages of students love accordian pages. special thanks for finding and adapting.....

I especially like being informed about Grandparents Day since I am a grandparent. You have a lot of good ideas to share with other teachers. Keep up the fantastic work as I really enjoyed reading about what you had to say that you are doing successful in your classroom. I have taught for thirty-eight years, and I can tell that you are an exemplary teacher.

Thanks Bruce!


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