Using Digital Frames for Incidental Learning

By Eric Antuna on October 29, 2009

Hello again! I wanted to pass along a GREAT idea I have found very useful in my classroom. A colleague and second grade teacher at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School, Jacinto Noriega, gave me the idea of using digital frames for incidental learning.

Here's the gist of it: Use a slide show program to export your ready-made slides into your digital frame. Make sure the slides are a readable format, such as jpeg, pdf, bmp, etc. Format and upload them to your flash drive. Plug it into your digital frame and let it cycle through the different "photos" throughout the day. When students' eyes are wandering about the classroom, hopefully they will be entranced with the rote concepts featured on the slides – helping them learn important facts and skills you've covered in class.  

Another idea that works well is taking those same slides and putting them to use as the screen savers on the student computers. When students are not using them, the computers become instant tutors in vocabulary words, math, science, social studies facts and other skills you are working on in class.  

Smart Goal Frame We're always trying to incorporate more and more technology into our classrooms, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. My advice – just try it – things can always be reset or reinstalled! Ask parents to help by donating a frame or dig around local discount retailers, where I found a frame for less than $25! Although we're experiencing difficult economic times, digital technology is getting cheaper by the day. Even the Scholastic Bonus Catalog has a flat screen TV that you can hook up to an old PC and let it run through a screen saver of photos!

Do you have other ideas for digital frames or screen savers? Post your idea here!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. For any home schooling teachers, Parent and Child had an excellent article few years back on how to use digital frames with your child(ren) at home.

Photos courtesy of Jacinto Noriega.


Some of the kindergarten teachers at our school put the word wall words on power point slides and have them run continuously on the TV that is hooked up to a computer. When I taught math, I did the same thing with addition and subtraction facts. I like the idea of using a digital frame though because it can be anywhere in the room.

Liz- Thanks for the great tip!! -Eric

I have also used this idea, and I had a colleague that was less technology courageous use her digital camera and took actual photos of the her sight word cards and used them as the images instead of making digital slides.

Paco- Thanks for the comment! -Eric

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