Kindergarten Readiness Resources

By Megan Power on May 20, 2010

"What can I do to get my child ready for kindergarten?" Are you a teacher looking for some great resources that you can pass along to prospective students' parents? Are you getting registration packets and kindergarten orientations all setup? Click read more to find some great resources on the web that teachers or parents can use to assist students in getting a jump-start to kindergarten.

Most parents are very eager and willing to work with their children at home. They just don't have the resources or knowledge about the academic expectations to help prepare their children to thrive in kindergarten. Getting information and suggestions to parents before the start of school will greatly benefit the students. As you talk with parents, or gather together materials for your orientation packets, consider using some of these resources to assist families in getting their child ready for kindergarten.


Olentangy Local School District in Ohio has some wonderful resources including:

  • Daily Activity Calendars for the summer months. These calendars have a great activity that parents can do with their children every day of the summer working on literacy, math, and other school skills. My school added these calendars to our kindergarten registration packets and parents loved them.
  • Activities to Help Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten These are very simple suggestions that parents can use to make sure their children know these basic skills.
  • 25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters at Home I love this! It has easy suggestions that parents can read to learn how simple it is to use magnetic letters to practice literacy skills at home.

Michigan Department of Education has a program called Family FUNdamentals. They are family handbooks with suggested activities for summer practice. I just found these this year and was very excited about them. I know parents appreciate the suggestions and activities recommended. has some wonderful articles on a variety of kindergarten readiness topics. Make sure to take a look these and point your parents in this direction. There are also some great parent articles about kindergarten here.

In a nutshell, my suggestions to parents are always to read with them, expose their children to letters and letter sounds, and work on their independent skills. I also want them to help their child to be excited about learning. I’d rather parents use their world around them to introduce and practice skills as opposed to drilling with worksheets. I understand that this concept of using the outside world to learn is difficult for many parents to implement, so I always make sure to include some of these great resources for parents. Please feel free to comment and let us know of other great resources for parents of students entering kindergarten.



These resources are fantastic! Thank you for providing a wealth of information that can be shared with incoming Kinder families.

Allison :-)

Allison, Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that you found these resources helpful. Anythng we can do to help prepare our little ones before they walk through the door is beneficial. Have a great summer! Smiles, Megan

Hi Megan, I am a kindergarten teacher also. Could you please give me some suggestions on how to set up my classroom library? I enjoyed the tour of your classroom.

Thanks Tammy

Tammy, I am glad you enjoyed my classroom tour. Take a look at my post about my classroom library. I have a video in there that explains the setup of my classroom library. Let me know if you have any questions after you get to watch this! Smiles, Megan

Thanks so much! I am a parent to a soon-to-be kindergartender and a senior elementary ed student. So these resources help me alot. I was wondering if you also have used Thanks again!

I am very happy to hear that these resources were helpful. Yes I have come across that website and there are great resources for parents. Thanks for sharng and I will make sure to inlcude that for other parents and teachers! Smiles, Megan

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