Students Make Videos for End-of-Year Review

By Eric Antuna on May 6, 2010
  • Grades: 1–2, 3–5

Wow! The countdown to the end of the year is upon us! Some of you are probably days away from the end of the year like a high school teacher friend of mine who ends right after Memorial Day. We are a year-round school and our last day is June 30, which means we're in session right up to the end! In those few weeks before the school year ends, you may find that making a video not only provides students with worthwhile review, but also provides great material to preteach or reteach with next year's students!



Last year, during the month of June, my class made some amazing videos that reviewed skills and concepts that we learned throughout the year. 


Each student was asked to choose a skill or concept from both English-Language Arts and Math. Then, they were to write up a simple description of what they wanted to do on an index card. The card included any kind of words that they would use in the video to demonstrate to other students and teachers. During filming, the student was the "director" and the "teacher" in the video. Some used props or students as actors. They found this to be a rewarding experience, because they were "in charge." Some topics that our class worked on were:

English-Language Arts:

Language Arts Skill Videos

Examples: synonyms, antonyms, subject-predicate, prefixes, suffixes, capitals, names of months, vowel sounds.


Math skill videos

Example: coin value, addition with regrouping, place value, multiplication, arrays


Do you have any other review projects that review the concepts in a neat way? Please share them here!

Thanks for reading!!




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