Fun With Grammar

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Get students excited about grammar with these fun games and activities to reinforce the basics.


Silly Sentences

With this silly sentences activity, we practiced what we have learned about nouns and verbs. We gave each student two cards. On one card they wrote a noun and on the other card, they wrote a verb. After they had written the noun and the verb, we collected all of the cards. We placed all of the nouns together in a basket and all of the verbs together in a basket. Each child then drew one card from each basket and wrote and illustrated a silly sentence using the words on the cards. Then, students shared their silly sentences with their classmates.


Way Cool Wallets

These wallets came in handy when we needed to review plural nouns with our classes. To make the wallet, we folded an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper in half lengthwise; then we creased the folded paper into thirds. Next, we stapled the paper along each crease and outside edge to create the wallet. We guided students to label the compartments “-s,” “-es,” and “-ies.” We then gave each student nine paper cards and a list of singular nouns to write on the cards. They had to copy the singular form of the noun on the front of the card and then write the plural form on the back. After they finished writing the plural nouns, they then placed them in the appropriate compartments in their wallet.



Let’s Have a Lotto Fun

We used this game to review parts of speech. We gave each student a blank lotto board and had them fill in the squares with four nouns, four verbs, four adjectives, and four pronouns. We prepared the same number of cards with the words "noun," "verb," "pronoun," and "adjective" and placed them in a container.

To play the game, we drew a part of speech card from the container and read it aloud. Students used paper markers to cover the correct squares. The first student to cover four words in any direction called out “Lotto!” In order to win the game, students had to read aloud each word and state its part of speech for verification.


Make a Mobile

We had our students make banana-split mobiles to review the parts of speech. We traced out the shapes for each child. Students were given a white, brown, and pink scoop of ice cream along with a banana and a bowl. After students cut out their shapes, they wrote an adjective on the white scoop, a noun on the brown scoop, and a verb on the pink scoop. Finally, students used all three parts of speech to write a sentence on the banana cutout. These mobiles added some fun decoration to our classrooms.


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