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Ringing in the New Year With Your Students

By Beth Newingham on December 21, 2009
  • Grades: 1–2, 3–5

My New Year's Resolutions." It asks them to make two PERSONAL resolutions, two resolutions that involve FAMILY OR FRIENDS, and two resolutions that involve SCHOOL. Students share their top two resolutions with the class before we put them in our “Resolution Time Capsule” (see picture below). I decorate a shoebox with New Year’s Eve decorations and have each student ceremoniously place their resolutions into the box. I explain to the students that we will not open the box until the end of the year to see if we have accomplished our goals. When the end of the year comes around, students are given their resolutions from the box and are asked to write a reflective piece of writing about how far they have come or what things they might still need to work on. This is the final piece of writing that is placed in their third grade portfolio.



Lauren In other years, I have had students use The Print Shop in our computer lab to create posters on which they type their resolutions (see picture below). This is nice because the final posters can be used to create a bulletin board in your classroom where students are reminded of their resolutions every day.



How do you kick off the New Year with your students? Please share your ideas!!




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Comments (10)

Hi Beth -

I have been following your posts for a long time. Your ideas have definitely helped me survive in my first 8 years of teaching. I'm inspired by somany things from your website.

This evening, I happened upon some old videos that you have made available (?). I watched the December 2004 holiday video. the ideas of party activities were great! One question I had was the last activity was a relay involving students putting while balls on their faces. I couldn't figure out what you used?...marshmallows, cotton balls and how you got them to stick to the kids faces. Regardless it looked hilarious.

I hope that you have been enjoying your 3 little guys. Thanks for sharing your creativity throughout the years.

I really liked your idea of celebrating the new year with kids specially student's resolutions. As a teacher, i will also do the same on New Year 2013. I am dealing with the Primary class students and I am planning to ask them to set their objectives for the New Year. Also, I am planning to ask them to make a list of their favourive New Year quotes http://newyearquotes.info and share with the class. The student with the best collection will be given a special gift. I am thinking of more, so any other ideas will be welcomed.


Thanks for your comments Samantha! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog!


Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas. You keep me inspired and excited to teach!


I'm glad you like the New Year's resolution ideas. Hopefully you can use them for 2011! I hope you had a great break and are refreshed for the new year!



There is an example of one student's resolutions at the bottom of the post that gives you an idea of what types of resolutions a student might make.

When students use the worksheet where they organized their resolutions into personal, family and friends, and school, their resolutions tend to be more specific. Their personal resolutions are often geared toward sports or other activities they do outside of school (practice piano everyday for 15 minutes, eat more fruits and vegetables, learn to do a back handspring by myself). The family and friend resolutions usually focus on relationships with others (get along better with my brother, share my X-Box 360 with my sister, make new friends at school). The school resolutions are related specifically to school and to our classroom (return homework on time, study spelling all week instead of the night before the test, use better handwriting on assignments).

I hope these sample resolutions are helpful! Happy New Year!


Love the new year ideas!! Wish I would have know about them before my return to school! I go back tomorrow! I will definitely try the new years hat/decorations idea next year! Thanks, Beth!


Do you have a list of example student resolutions?

Thanks, Alysia


I love the toast idea! How creative and perfect for a bulletin board display. Thanks for sharing with everyone. Happy New Year to you!


We are on the same wave length! I have a very similar goal setting sheet and use it with my third graders. We choose our favorites and write them on "pieces of toast." These are displayed as if they are popping out of a toaster with the caption "Mrs. T's Class Toasts the New Year!" I think I'll add the capsule activity this year... I have also made flip books with a relevant title and 3 sections... on tab reads School, Family, For Myself... tabs are layered so are all readable. You get the gist. On each page they list resolutions.

Congrats on baby #2. And happy holidays!

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