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A Healthier, More Balanced You

By Angela Bunyi on January 16, 2012
  • Grades: 3–5

Surely you have created some personal goals for 2012. I, along with many others, have joined the ranks in the quest for a better me. Most importantly, I am resolving to know and maintain my priorities. I have worked hard at managing my time as a mom, teacher, wife, and runner, but the unpredictable patterns of a teaching schedule can really throw things for a loop. So, I’d like to use this post to share my goals, and I encourage you to post yours as well, in the comments section below.

In 2012, I have set goals in the following three areas:



I am nearly finished reading the Bible’s New Testament and was seeking some motivation for finishing it up this year and growing as a Christian. As a family, we all decided this month to begin the Daniel Fast, designed by Susan Gregory, and so I am combining my goal to finish the New Testament with Gregory's twenty-one day food challenge. For most of January my family has eliminated dairy, flour, sugar, processed foods, meats, fried foods, and additives from our diet. Essentially, everything needs to be made from scratch and from basic, real-food items.

I have never really struggled with eating healthily or with dieting, but I can really see how a spiritual focus could help many reach their goals of living healthily. I recommend Gregory’s book, The Daniel Fast, if other approaches have not worked for you in the past. We are on week two, and I thoroughly enjoy it. So much so, we are considering this as a long-term dietary change for the 2012 year. I am hoping that by recording this long-term goal here, I have increased that statistical chance that I'll stick with my goals!



Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love running. It is not exercise. I just have to do it. Unfortunately, I spent most of the school year on the sidelines with a pelvic stress fracture. It wasn’t pretty, and I’ve only recently gotten the green light to start running again. This year, I am striving to be injury free by holding off on speed work (my usual culprit) for a while. My ultimate goal is to be injury free for the whole year. My time off from running helped me realize how much I value this outlet in my life.



I am also making 2012 the year I be the best I can be to others. This means not judging other teachers, friends, and family. This means helping others out when they need help. This means eliminating any involvement with gossip or unkind words.


And That’s That

It’s really as simple as that. And perhaps this is the shortest post I have written to date. Hopefully, it doesn’t matter. You’ll just have to wait for my next post to hear about some of the literacy-based things we are doing in our classroom. For now, I have some reading to do, lunch to prepare, and a workout waiting for me in the morning.







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Angela, I have been reading your posts through Scholastic for a year now. I felt an immediate connection with your style of teaching and your heart for your calling. I have learned so much from you, and hopefully, I will grow as a teacher. This post, however, has really been just what I needed for this week. I wanted to thank you for being the blessing you are and sharing your life. It has to be time consuming and I'm grateful...my life has been impacted because of it.
Blessings to you and your family for the rest of this year.

R. Shaw

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