Wall Charts for Beginning Readers -- Sarah Bledsoe's PreK-K Class

By Ruth Manna on April 27, 2012
  • Grades: PreK–K

This month I visited 4th year teacher, Sarah Bledsoe’s, combined Preschool and Kindergarten class at Heath School in Heath, MA. Sarah uses wall charts with a combination of words and pictures for her beginning readers.  To learn about Sarah’s wall charts, read on.

Sarah Bledsoe’s PreK – K classroom is a language-rich environment, full of colorful books and handmade charts, signs, and posters. Sarah teaches guided reading, phonics, writing, and math. She knows her 13 students well. The children see a lot of one another. “They start acting like siblings because they’re constantly together,” says Sarah.


Clay and Play-Doh Center

This chart builds vocabulary and adds to the students’ sculpting repertoire.


Tooth Chart


Class Rules

Sarah keeps her class rules simple and predictable to encourage reading.


Morning Routine

The Morning Routine is strategically placed at students’ eye level near the door. This chart helps preschool parents assist their children.



Students decorate book pockets with their handprints which can be removed and sent home at the end of the year.


Lesson Objectives

Sarah writes her lesson objectives in kid-friendly language and uses words her Pre-K – K students can read.


And there’s lots of beautiful artwork!


Sarah, all that hard work on your learning objectives is worth it!

I love the way you incorporated reading and writing even in the task of writing objectives. We are required to post objectives in our class. I would like to use this kid-friendly method!

I have three detailed photos of the clay and Play-Doh charts. If you write to me at ruth.manna@verizon.net I'll send you the photos.

Very nice.

I would love to be able to read the chart about clay play. This would be something I could develop in my Pre-K classroom next year. Thank you for sharing these are wonderful ideas.

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