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Books About Kids' Favorite Foods!

By Andrea J. Spillett on May 16, 2012
  • Grades: 1–2

Disclaimer: These are not foods suggested for a steady diet! But the following books — sweet, savory, and downright silly — spell a fun way to end the year on a filling note.










Ice Cream, Including Great Moments in Ice Cream History

Written by Jules Older
Illustrated by Lyn Severance

Present nonfiction in the most delicious way possible by reading the ice cream book to your students. They will learn how ice cream was made in the past as compared to how ice cream is now made. They will learn the history of ice cream including when it came to America. This book is a special treat with darling illustrations that will entice you and your students to patronize your favorite local ice cream shop!

An activity to integrate with this book is "What’s the Scoop?" a graphic organizer from Scholastic Printables. Your students will write about one thing they learned, one thing that surprised them, one question they have, and one thing that they already knew about making ice cream. Also, have some fun letting your students create their own recipe by using the poetry frame "My Ice Cream Treat."



Zak’s Lunch

Written by Margie Palatini
Illustrated by Howard Fine

Cheeseburgers with a pound of pickles, fries that go sky high, and pizzas with all the toppings? With these larger-than-life illustrations that will get taste buds tingling, the main character transforms his kitchen into his very own restaurant. Just as he orders his delectable dishes, which is a dream any child would want, he is suddenly back at his kitchen table scowling at his boring ham and cheese sandwich.


A really fun activity to go along with this picture book is called Burgerlicious. I came across the idea at  A Cupcake for the Teacher for a mere $2.00. This activity will inspire you to have a special burger day. Coordinate the burgerlicious day with the cafeteria menu at your school. Using the templates, discuss with your students the main idea of the story, details, and conclusion. The activity gives all the fixins to write the perfect paragraph in a really cute way. The packet also includes a response page of how to make the perfect hamburger, just as Zak envisioned. Warning: Don’t read before lunch!



Hamburger Heaven

Written and Illustrated by Wong Herbert Yee

Your students are sure to be amused and entertained by this clever plot. Pinky Pig, the main character, decides to update the diner’s hamburger choices and designs a menu for all types of customers to enjoy. The class will get a kick out of listening to the ideas of what the different characters want on their burgers such as Skunk’s Stinkbug Burger. The list of ingredients offered at this burger joint includes both mmm and ewww factors.

Stretch the experience of the story with a great activity called "Can I Take Your Order?" Make your students their very own order pad by utilizing Scholastic's  dessert and food reproducible borders. To add some more excitement to this activity, get hats and a menu from your local fast food restaurant. The students will really play the part when their classmates come up to order their own gruesome burger.  Warning: Don’t read after lunch!


The Popcorn Shop

Written by Alice Low
Illustrated by Patti Hammel

Popcorn is another food that kids just can’t get enough of. Imagine a story like Too Many Pumpkins but instead of pumpkins the food of choice is popcorn. This story is terrific for predicting what is going to happen next. The Popcorn Shop is also a Hello Reader Level 3, so the students will really enjoy reading this story to each other — a high interest book and a story that is at their reading level! Talk about good pairing!


The students will be engaged by brainstorming their own solution of what they would do if their popcorn machine went out of control. Use the "Popcorn Response Page" to have your students write about their solution.





Popsicle Pony

Written and Illustrated by Jill Stover

Popsicle Pony is a cheerful story about a little girl, a stubborn pony named Cheify, and a popsicle vendor who is known as Popsicle Pete. Every summer evening Popsicle Pete and Cheify trot around selling popsicles to all the neighborhood children. One day, the girl is left to care for the pony. She wants to ride him in the town’s big parade. Unfortunately, Cheify escapes, and it is up to the little girl to find him in time. With the help of a popsicle and a determined little girl, the pony is found and their performance is the cherry on top of the town's parade.



An activity to integrate with this story is a lesson that my student teacher, Kellie Ruddock, created. She brought the book to my attention and created a template, "Popsicle Pony," for the students to respond to what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. The students loved it as much as they enjoyed slurping up their popsicles afterward!




It has really been a pleasure and honor this school year to share with you books and ideas that you may never have heard of before. Enjoy your summer off. I hope you find many terrific books to read just for you! I think I am the only person I know who hasn’t read The Hunger Games yet. You know what I’ll be doing!



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Your love of teaching is evident in all you present and the kids are enjoying learning which is our ultimate goal! I'm ecstatic to have run into your blog! I worked with you during my first year of teaching Kindergarten and your ideas have been reused and recycled and they still provide joy in teaching and learning. Thank you for being a mentor to me! E. Pena

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