Try Storia eBooks for Emerging Readers!

By Ruth Manna on May 25, 2012
  • Grades: 1–2, 3–5

This month I visited students in six district elementary schools to share Scholastic Storia e-books. Storia, a free Scholastic app, came with five free e- books to get me started.

 Keep reading to find out how four very different students discovered Storia, each in their own way.




 “I hate reading!” Austin whined. “I read because my mom makes me.”

But the day I brought my iPad with a Storia app, Austin couldn’t wait to try it. After just one book from the Storia library, he was hooked!  One reason Austin loved Storia is that he didn’t think of it as a book. To him, Storia’s books and activities are more like games.  While Austin resists conventional books, he read an e-book eagerly.


Aiden, an advanced first grader, loves Storia, too.  Storia’s narrator read a word for him when he met one he didn’t know. After he highlighted a word, a “Look up” speech bubble popped up, and he tapped it immediately.  Aiden had discovered the dictionary! If I asked Aiden to look up a word in a real dictionary, he’d groan and drag his feet, but the Storia dictionary gave Aiden just the word he wanted.  Aiden’s dictionary discovery sparked his interest in learning new words.


Sarah, a third grader, is also an emerging reader. She loves Storia’s nonfiction picture books. Sarah likes science so she picked Earth in Danger. There were a few tricky words, but Sarah’s interest in science carried her along. Her mom has an e-reader, so Sarah can use one independently.

Sarah liked the interactive activities in Benjamin Franklin. Some exercises build basic reading skills like rhyming or sight words, while others assess comprehension. Students learn painlessly through matching games, puzzles, word searches, and video clips.


Maddy, who’s in second grade, is learning to speak English. I helped her pick simple texts like The Big Bug Dug and Don’t Cut My Hair. Maddy re-reads books to build fluency. “Let’s read it again,” I said, and Maddy was happy to give it a try.

So Storia has much to offer all kinds of emerging readers! 

Now you try!

Download  a Storia app with its free books and give it try. Then visit and share your Storia experiences!


Model reading a Storia e-book for a whole class with a Smartboard.

Or model for a reading group during small group instruction. Ask students to demonstrate Storia’s interactive features. 

An e-reader is a tool, not a toy. Establish ground rules about staying seated and holding an e-reader  carefully.

Mix it up by using your e-reader for buddy reading, independent reading, or read-alouds, as well as reading instruction.


Are there any plans to add this app do is with the kindle fire tablets can access it...

Hi, everyone! For help with information on purchasing Storia eBooks and for technical help, please email Thanks!

how do I come to get one of these books.
This will help my students to be interested in reading and not playing or just turning the pages.

I couldn't figure out how to get my 5 free books. It came with one ABC book.

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