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I live in New York

I teach third grade

I am an almost-digital-native and Ms. Frizzle wannabe


I live in New Jersey

I teach sixth grade literacy

I am passionate about my students becoming lifelong readers and writers


I live in New York

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I am a proud supporter of American public education and a tech integrationist


I live in Michigan

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I am a Tweet loving, technology integrating, mom of two with a passion for classroom design!


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I am a loving, enthusiastic teacher whose goal is to make learning exciting for every child


I live in Michigan

I teach third grade

I am seriously addicted to all things technology in my teaching


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I am an eager educator, on the hunt to find the brilliance in all


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My Various Roles in the Classroom

By Beth Newingham on September 24, 2012
  • Grades: 3–5

To achieve my goals in the classroom, I see myself as having many different jobs in my classroom.

  • Teacher as Academic Enthusiast: The root of education is a love of the content. I am passionate about literacy and want my students to leave my classroom with the same excitement that I have for reading and writing. I work hard to make this enthusiasm infectious and to foster a love of learning in my students, even those who come to me with little or no interest in school.
  • Teacher as Cheerleader: It’s my job to encourage my “team.” I provide them with constant motivation to try new things and push them to reach their potential. I realize that learning does not come easily to all students and that I must endow my students with the belief that they can be successful.
  • Teacher as Feedback Provider: In order to be successful and confident, students need positive reinforcement. I give my students praise for things they do well and provide extra assistance on skills with which they need more help. Each student’s journey in my classroom is one of progress and growth. 
  • Teacher as Constructivist: While I am a presenter of knowledge, I certainly do not see myself as the sole source of knowledge in my classroom. I provide many opportunities for my students to seek knowledge for themselves through hands-on activities and open-ended assignments.
  • Teacher as Learner:  Education is constantly changing and shifting the ways that teachers think. I am never satisfied with what I already know; I strive to continuously learn more and to continuously improve my own teaching.

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Hello Beth! I'm a fan of your website, too. I'm glad to have the new address. I'm working on a "Where are they now?" video for an upcoming program and I was wondering where you get the music you use for your videos. I have the new Pinnacle Studio 16, but I don't have all of the transitions you have. Did you buy those separately?

Hello there!

The web address of my class website has changed a bit. It is now located here: http://hil.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/

Sorry for the confusion!

-Beth Newingham

Hi Beth.

I am wondering why we can't get to your website anymore? It is one of the best recources and I can't get on it. Any ideas when it will be back up?


Hi Beth.
I teach second grade in a very low income area. I was reading ( at your other web site) how to get the kids to work together. School started and when I went back to your site it was an invalid pathway. Is there any other site where you have thsese things posted? I got hooked and then it was gone. Please advise-thanks! mj

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