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Geronimo Stilton: The Journey Through Time, Part 1

By Lindsey Petlak on April 23, 2014
  • Grades: 3–5

As I opened the box of brand new copies of Geronimo Stilton: The Journey Through Time, the smell of fresh book pages filled the air, as did squeals of excitement from my students. Students rushed to volunteer to be part of my lunchtime Geronimo Stilton book club and grabbed their new books as quickly as possible. As soon as I started glancing through the text, I realized this book was filled with SO MANY great teaching ideas and potential activities that I would need to split my blog post up into two parts:

  1. Part one will be an overview of the text; feedback from my students; Geronimo Stilton resources; topic-centered resources for the prehistoric era, Ancient Egypt, and medieval times; text features; and general activities to be used with the entire book.

  2. Part two will feature topic-specific, hands-on student activities for each era/location featured in the text: prehistoric era, Ancient Egypt, and medieval times.


About This Book

I, Geronimo Stilton, never expected to set paw inside a time machine. But when Professor Paws von Volt invited me to travel with him, I had to accept! My family came along to help us discover how the dinosaurs became extinct, how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, and what life was like at King Arthur's court. Along the way I was chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, almost eaten by a crocodile in the Nile, and asked to save a maiden from an evil knight's castle. Holey cheese! It was an adventure through history!



Who is Geronimo Stilton? Get a sneak peek at the “big cheese” with this video preview:


The Kids Have Spoken!

My kids LOVE this triple story, special edition! Beyond this specific book, Geronimo Stilton has a large following in my class. WHY? I thought the kids could best answer that question, and so I asked them to share with us. The said:

  • The books are super funny.

  • The pictures are very detailed.

  • The words are in different fonts and it makes it more fun to read.

  • Some of the words have fun plays-on-words with “mouse words” included like “famouse” and “enormouse.”

  • I love how Geronimo always starts every book with, “My name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton.”

  • They always give readers pictures and descriptions of the characters so you know who they are before you start reading.

  • The books take you to cool places and times with cool, crazy adventures.

  • It’s fun how they include fun activities to try out as you read the books.


Scholastic’s “Fab-U-Mouse” Resources:

While in the next post, I’ll focus on topic-specific features and activities, there are numerous text features and activities that are great to use with any of the three stories featured in Geronimo Stilton: The Journey Through Time. Scholastic provides a plethora of resources to support your adventures with Geronimo Stilton. Before starting your own “a-mouse-ing” book club with students, take some time to explore these free websites and resources for any Geronimo Stilton book:


Scholastic “Teach with Geronimo Stilton” Website:  Explore lesson plans, classroom newspaper ideas, reading/writing activities, and numerous Geronimo Stilton books.


Scholastic Geronimo Stilton Website: Meet the characters, create your own comics, watch videos, explore New Mouse City, take quizzes, play games, and engage in many more activities.


Scholastic Reading and Writing Guide (aligned to the Common Core State Standards): Using this CCSS-aligned guide, you’ll help your students:

  • Use dialogue to enliven writing

  • Incorporate pictures and words into a story

  • Use descriptive words to make characters come to life

  • Build vocabulary to create more colorful stories


Text Features:

  • Character profiles

  • Illustrations with labels

  • Diagrams with labels

  • Timelines

  • Newspaper excerpts

  • Maps

  • Glossary

  • Facts inserts

  • Quiz/survey

  • Onomatopoeia

  • Font variations


Holey Cheese! Tons of Topic Resources:

No doubt that this set of mouse tales will spark interest in all three topics/eras covered in the text. Everything about this book lends itself to building background knowledge and interest in nonfiction topics, history, geography, archaeology, and more! It’s a perfect way to help reluctant nonfiction readers and researchers gain interest and then take their learning deeper with further topical exploration. Scholastic provides a treasure trove of resources to support your students’ own “mouse-tas-tic” adventures.

Explore books, lesson plans, blog posts, printables, and other free resources on each of the three topics featured in this special edition of Geronimo Stilton.


Prehistoric Era(s)


Ancient Egypt


Medieval Times


You can get use your points to get a copy of Geronimo Stilton: The Journey Through Time from Scholastic Reading Club. Do your students love Geronimo Stilton? What are their favorite aspects of the series? How have you implemented the texts in your class, and what are your most "a-MOUSE-ing" activities you have used with the books? I can't wait for you to share. Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

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