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5 Great Ways to Protect and Present Your iPad

By Erin Klein on May 12, 2014
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Many of us believe that we are pros with tablets without realizing that teaching with them requires a whole new set of skills. An expert level knowledge when it comes to using a tablet does not make one an expert on protecting the tablet or using it to display and share work. For many teachers, there is a learning curve for protecting a device from drops or other mishaps, as well as the ability to share content on the screen effectively with the whole class.

Typically when a school or teacher purchases a classroom tablet, they purchase only the device and the software for it, overlooking a very important component — how they will physically present/teach with it and allow interaction. Please keep in mind that these items are not inexpensive. However, protecting and optimizing your initial investment — the device itself — is worth considering.

With this in mind, I’d like to share some suggestions that I use in my own classroom:


Bump Armor - $33.99

Perfect in the home and at school, the Bump Armor iPad case and stand offers colorful protection for your iPad. Made of non-toxic, specially-formulated foam (similar to the foam used in athletic shoes) that absorb impact if the iPad is dropped, the Bump Armor case has been designed to withstand large shocks (it even passed a military standard drop test!). 

Bump Armor cases also come with convenient stands that allow the user to prop an iPad up at an angle that is comfortable for watching videos or sharing with others. This product is also available in several different fun colors to help suit your classroom style.


Grip Case - $39.99

Grip Case is one of those inventions that you see in action and instantly think “Why didn’t I think of that?” Providing a safe way for little hands to carry iPads, Grip Case protects your tablet on the move. It is available in a variety of colors for full- and mini-sized iPads.  

The protective case has kid-sized handles around all sides of the tablet. This way a child can safely carry the tablet without you worrying that it is going to slip out and fall. If the child does lose his grasp, the grip case is designed in a manner that the iPad screen should avoid damage.

Another amazing feature the GripCase has to offer is the portable stand. This way, the kids can stand their iPads up when working. It's an amazing feature! The stand comes in very handy when viewing a video or project!


IPEVO Perch - $69.00

Designed to turn your iPad into a secure interactive kiosk, the IPEVO Perch allows teachers to set up their iPads on a desk or table surface and display their content at an angle that best suits their students' needs, while still maintaining the ability to use both of their hands for other things.

A double locked security system prevents the iPad from accidentally being jolted free and damaged. With stands available to use in a variety of seated and standing positions, the IPEVO Perch can help provide much-needed flexibility and freedom while allowing for more little eyes to see the content being displayed.


Max Cases HandStand - $179.95

The hefty price tag is justified by the amazing versatility this product offers. Max Cases are unique and innovative cases that help teachers protect their devices while using them more effectively. This past year I began using the MAX HandStand DX. It has recently been updated to fit all iPad models.  

The integrated lock keeps your iPad safe while giving you the ability to twist and turn the handstand in a variety of directions, allowing all students a sight line. Also, you can feel comfortable letting your students touch the iPad and manipulate the angle of the stand without fear of the iPad falling. 

The stand also allows you to quickly turn your iPad into a document camera, preserving students work in a speedy and efficient manner. It creates a strong visual for both class visitors and students alike, providing a fun way to use devices within the classroom and fostering engagement.

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