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9 Videos to Make Teachers Laugh, Cry, and Feel Inspired!

By Erin Klein on May 26, 2014
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

I used to receive inspirational videos and photos from family and friends. I loved opening my email inbox to find a thoughtful note followed by a few photos that caused me to pause, reflect, and appreciate how blessed I was in my life. Sometimes a picture truly could say it all. And when I received a video that was so powerful that it brought me to tears in less than 90 seconds, I forwarded it along to other of my family and close friends.  

Today, I don't receive nearly as many emails containing those warm and humorous images and videos. Instead, I see them displayed on my family's Facebook walls or I receive a mention from my friends' Twitter feeds. I also attend conferences where presenters share video segments they've been inspired by. I'm excited to share some of these videos with you.  

Though you may not have the opportunity to view all of the videos in one sitting (some of them are long!), I encourage you to bookmark this page for later. If you're like me, these videos will quickly find their way to your heart. You'll want to keep them handy to view from time to time and share with others.  

CNA Speaking Exchange

(Click here to view)

Thanks to my good friend, George Couros, I recently had the opportunity to view this inspiring video. After it started, I'll admit . . . it was fairly predictable. However, it wasn't the plot that got to me. It was the pure and honest goodness that stemmed from such a simple and meaningful idea that tugged on my heart. The personal stories shared by those featured spoke to me on an emotional level that I felt honored to be a viewer.  


World's Toughest Job

(Click here to view)

A few days ago, a student's parent and good friend, Kelle, sent this video to me. Even though I had a good idea of where the video was going, the reactions of the participants had me sobbing in a matter of moments. I have a strong feeling you'll forward this one off to a few people after viewing.  


Kid Snippets: Salesman

(Click here to view)

After seeing this video shared on Facebook from an old high school friend, I've become hooked on Kid Snippets. This video had me laughing so hard. I immediately called my own two kids, Riley and Jacob, into the room. They thought it was hilarious. As soon as it was over, both of my kids said, "Play it again!" Of course we watched it several more times. How fun would it be to take this idea into your own classroom?


Landfill Harmonic

(Click here to view)

While I was out in California this past March, I had the opportunity to listen to Sir Ken Robinson at the annual Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development conference. During Robinson's keynote, he shared the power of student's creativity. This video was highlighted as an example of that message. I was blown away!  


Speak Life: A Passion Project

(Click here to view)

A sweet friend and amazing teacher, JoAnn Delaney, shared one of her student's videos with me this year. Wow! After watching, I was speechless. What passion and love this young man had to put together such an inspiring message! I had to talk to him. Luckily, JoAnn arranged a Google Hangout for the three of us to chat. Sullivan has such a special message to share. His video came about out of the work JoAnn is going in her classroom. If you'd like to hear more about it, please connect with her on Twitter. She's a fantastic resource to connect and collaborate with.


The Power of Words

(Click here to view)

I first saw this video a while ago. I often find myself going back to it and watching. The message is so powerful and makes you think. I've shared it with several of my close friends and family. When I taught middle school, I even used it in my classroom to highlight the power of student voice.  


TMB Panyee FC Short Film

(Click here to view)

Don't let the title of this video mislead you. It is a must-watch for sure. Is there anything better than seeing happy children playing? What about seeing children apply themselves with an intense level of passion and dedication? This video has all of that. It tells the success story of a soccer team that overcame incredible odds. I've used this in my classroom to motivate reluctant students and inspire them to put forth their best efforts. I'm waiting for the Disney movie!


New Bell's South Africa TV Ad

(Click here to view)

Master keynote and dear friend, Adam Bellow, recently shared this video at his talk in Michigan for the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning state technology conference. Speechless and full of tears, I watched from the front row. If ever there was a video to champion literacy and the joy of reading, this is it! You'll be touched by the surprise message and love that this video embodies. Funny disclaimer: it happens to be a commercial for whiskey. However, don't let that sway you from viewing or looking beyond and enjoying the moving story.


Caine's Arcade

(Click here to view)

I get really excited when I'm at a conference or talking with teachers who haven't seen this video. I love sharing it. They love watching it. Who doesn't like seeing an adorable child share his or her passion and creativity? This video has been around for a while, but if you haven't seen it, you're in for a real treat. It could also be a great tool for anyone wishing to pursue the Maker Movement. Be sure to also check out the updates on Caine's Arcade. There are a few other videos that are follow-ups to his story.  


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LOVE SALESMAN! Those kids might be my new favorite screenwriters and the adults might be my new favorite actors. I've seen Caine's Arcade and find it is a superb motivational story to share. Thanks!

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