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Meet Christy Crawford

By Christy Crawford on August 30, 2010
  • Grades: 3–5

Greetings from the Big Apple! I’m Christy Crawford and this is my ninth year of teaching in New York City. I taught 2nd and 3rd grade for two years in Harlem and then four years in the Bronx. I am currently teaching technology at P.S. 51, The Bronx New School, a small progressive K-5 school consisting of 280 students from all over the world. Also, during the past two years I served as an adjunct lecturer at The City College of New York (CUNY).

Prior to teaching, for more than a decade I served as an award-winning television journalist and an associate producer. I worked for several networks including NBC, ABC, and VH1 with extended stints for shows such as Dateline and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Driven by an unrelenting passion to make a powerful, positive change in our world, I left television after the death of my father -- a dedicated life-long educator. I am now convinced that a dedicated educator in the traditional school setting can ignite and impact powerful changes that far exceed a network's fleeting reaction to world events.

Our students don’t need to wait for a network or studio to “green light” their dreams. Through sites like You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook, students can make their voices heard in real time. Blogs, animated shorts, Microsoft Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, Skype, and a host of other tools allow students to explore occupations, careers, their dreams, and potential futures.

As a technology educator, my goal is to help both the student and teacher to leverage technology as the “great equalizer”!  With the implementation of techniques, tools, sites, and apps, they can explore the globe and provide a window to each other’s worlds.

For years, all of my classroom time was buried under papers and state mandates.  Rarely did I have a free moment to read wordy manuals and play with “complicated” digital tools that might have enhanced my students’ learning experience. I was frightened and slow to adapt to new technology.

About three years ago, upon being offered the computer science position, I immersed myself in playing with, subscribing to, and using the technology I had avoided. After hours of immersion and play, I became more confident in my ability and skill to navigate a digital world; I began to believe that I could try new technology and adapt.  As a result of being forced to expand my digital horizons, I have been able to more fully engage my students and travel with them in becoming empowered digital citizens.

In order to lower the entry barrier for teachers adapting to the new technology, I created a program called “Day of Play.”  Through the “Day of Play” teachers are given the time, freedom, and the push to explore technology in the classroom during a full-day workshop at different points during the school year. Together we toss the manual, grab a mouse or “digital compass,” and explore a brave new world.

Liberation used to come with a driver’s license, chance to work, or voting ballot; but now liberation is obtained with access to the web. It is our duty to become familiar with these digital tools in order to act as our children’s technology tour guides -- creating the rules and boundaries for the voyages our young explorers embark on daily.

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Go Prof. Crawford. =)!

I want to be included in the day of play!

Hi christy, this is Annie again, do you have any ideas on which is the better desktop computer to buy, and also laptops. my children do a lot of research, and i just want a few ideas. Thanks christy, I emailed your link to my sister Peg in Ireland. She is a principal of a school in my hometown Donegal and likes to get updates. thanks


This is marvelous work. I'm beyond proud of you! You are an incredible teacher and any student is truly lucky to be taught by you. I wish I could have been, then I wouldn't have been so tech terrible!

rock on with your amazing teaching self.


Of course Scholastic is one of my favorites too! :) They just have so many resources that can make you look like a classroom rock star!

And Carol, thank you for your very KIND words! having "Fellow fellows" makes our urban community even stronger!


I am a colleague and friend of Christy's both at the Bronx New School and at CCNY. She has been a fabulous classroom teacher and has continued to grow and improve as a technology teacher. She involves all children and finds ways to involve teachers in using technology to improve learning and teaching in every classroom. While the kids are no problem, the adults require Christy to be a buddy, a coach, a psychologist, an enforcer, friend and more. And, of course, she is not above using the children to convince teachers to get on board. She is a fabulous and effective techno-vangelist and I am looking forward to reading (and, when possible, contributing to) these bi-monthly posts.

Christy, I am a cohort 14 teaching fellow currently starting my 4th year at MS 127 in the Bronx. I am very happy to see your success and glad you ar currently at Scholastic (one of my favorite places). I wish you continued success and look forward to all you have to offer.

Because Christy already knows how much I admire her as a teacher, this post is directed at anyone who may not be familiar with her abilities. I am a slightly older than average college student who was enrolled in Christy's "Urban Schools in a Diverse Society" class at City College in NY. Without question Christy is one of the best Professors at the school. She truly cares that her students "get it," and she consistently practices what she preaches in education. Her diligence and dedication to the craft of teaching is obvious--she knows the academic content she is presenting inside and out, and she uses research based teaching methods to effectively and clearly convey educational facts in a coherent way. I really looked forward to attending her classes and reading the assigned materials because the content was directly relevant to what is happening today--she has unique and effective ways of motivating her students to keep up with the course work. Some of the adjectives I would use to describe Christy's teaching style include "intelligent, fair, open, honest, reasonable, rational, student-centered, unbiased, intriguing, challenging, and fun," which are basically all of the qualities that the best teachers embody. She helped me to see educational issues in ways I had not fully considered in the past. I look forward to following her blog to help me navigate my own potential educational activities in the future. Thank you Christy Crawford!

Christy: I'm so impressed! You are a great inspiration. Your kids and your school are so lucky to have you. I've always considered myself to be "tech challenged" but you give me hope! Wishing you every success!

Hi Christy, Oh how jealousI am. If only I were 30 yrs. younger and back in a classroom. You are a true inspiration to all teachers and their children. Best of luck with all of the newest technologies and know that we all are learning from you regardless of our age. You are definitely "special."

Christy, I am so proud that you are a graduate of my research class at City College and that you are contributing to the school I founded. Your work and spirit are an inspiration and a great model for others of what is possible in urban teaching.

Congratulations Christy,

This is a wonderful website. It will inspire many teachers.


Let's push each other this school year. With just 20 minutes of techie exploration a week, I think we can expand our horizons. Thank you so much for your positive comments! :)



I LOVE your spirit! Pass that attitude on and come back to the blog again and again to get techie advice AND share some wisdom with the rest of us. Together, we can continue a network of well-informed and equipped peadagogues!



Thank you so much for your comments. I'm ready for a banner year also! BTW, I love your class blogs. "Bling Bling" is my favorite. ;) Your posts, including the electronic scavenger hunts are fun, quick and thorough! If you don't mind, I'd love to share your science posts with friends.


Hi, Christy. I am looking forward to receiving your technology advice. I am not afraid of technology, but right now I am feeling smothered by papers and mandates. Easy, fun, and engaging? Bring it on!

Great job Christy, I am really looking forward to expand my knowledge by using tools on the internet with my students. It's a little difficult trying new things with a ton of paperwork as you know but I will also make this the year to expand my horizons. Great job!!! I look forward to your posts. Henry


I am SO looking forward to your blog posts. Like you I've decided this is the year for meaningful use of technology, and I cannot wait. :)


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