Technology Teachers Are Thankful For

By Megan Power on November 8, 2010

Technology is constantly changing! Look in your pockets and around your house. We use technology in our everyday life, and we rely on it. How about in our classrooms? In this month of Thanksgiving, stop and look around your classroom and school to give thanks for the technology that helps you do your job and meet the needs of your students.


Here are a few pieces of technology that I am thankful for:

I am thankful for a copy machine that works, for I can rely on it when I need it. (I should also give many thanks to my secretary Courtney for her gentle care.)

I am thankful for my classroom computers, for they give students opportunities to practice skills, to research, and to create.

I am thankful for the Internet, for it has erased distance. We can see and learn about things from all around the world and even do WebQuests or take virtual field trips. See the Plimouth Plantation Webcast, which will run on on November 16.

I am thankful for video equipment and editing software, for it has inspired my students to be creative and to take an active part in their learning.

I am thankful for my handheld student response devices (Promethean ActiVotes), for they assist me in assessing my students and teaching in real time.

I am thankful for the students’ lunch money system, for I don’t have to deal with or handle lunch money.

I am thankful for our online attendance, for I have student information at the click of a mouse. (Thanks to Courtney and Heather.)

I am thankful for, for they share wonderful resources and allow me to collaborate and connect with teachers around the world.

Technology is here to make our lives easier. As the wheel did many years ago (and still does), today's new technology makes our lives and jobs easier in so many ways. What technology are you thankful for? What technology do you have in your classroom or school that makes your job easier? We would love to hear from you!

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Kathy, Thanks! :) I am very thankful to have this opportunity and to work with the amazing people at! Smiles, Megan

I am thankful for a great teacher like Megan Power who is so willing to share her tremendous base of knowledge about technology with teachers everywhere!

Technology in Class, Professional development is so important! Thanks for sharing! Smiles, Megan

Jen, You said that so well! I love getting new ideas by searching the internet! Thanks for your comment! Smiles, Megan

Jennifer, Thanks for sharing that website! Anything that motivates kids to learn those facts is worth it! Smiles, Megan

I am thankful for the internet and how easy it is to find a multitude of great ideas on a regular basis via my favorite blogs and websites!

I am thankful for a program called Timez Attack through Big Brainz that makes practicing multiplication facts fun, engaging and worth every minute.

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