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By Megan Power on December 6, 2010

Looking for a way to boost students’ self-esteem, connect with parents and family members around the world, and get money for your art program for FREE? Artsonia is your answer!


Artsonia is an online digital portfolio where teachers publish student artwork. Parents and other family members can view and comment on artwork, and even order gifts with their children’s artwork on it. Even better, Artsonia gives 15% of each sale back to the school to use to support their art program. Take a look at my school's artwork published on Artsonia.

Motivating Through Publishing

When given a realistic purpose and an opportunity to have a large audience view their work, students will step up and exceed expectations. I have seen this happen in my own classroom so many times. When students feel that a project is purposeful, they have buy-in and really want to do their best work. Modern technology has given us a quick and easy way to publish student work and share it with people around the world.

Motivating Student by Giving Opportunities for Feedback

Even for adults, getting feedback on your work is motivating and exciting. People like to know how they did and what others think of their work. Our students are the same. Giving students the chance to have a larger audience read and respond to their work leads to self-reflection and the desire to do the best work possible. As teachers, this is exactly what we want from our students.



Artsonia is a great way to get students started with publishing their work and getting feedback on it. Parents love it because they can see their child’s artwork with the click of the mouse. It is easy for relatives to see student artwork no matter how far away they live.

Another option that parents enjoy is creating a portfolio book through the Artsonia store featuring photos of all of their child’s artwork. Most parents do not save all of their child’s artwork because of the space it takes up. Purchasing a portfolio book gives families the opportunity to save their child’s artwork in a more compact way.

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Publishing students’ work is beneficial in so many ways, and Artsonia is just one way to do it. Please look for a future post where I will cover opportunities for publishing student writing.

Do you use Artsonia? Do you have any other places where you publish student art? We would love to add your ideas. Please comment below.


Jenn, I'm glad you are using it too! It is a great idea! Smiles, Megan

We found Artsonia two years ago at our school. We love it. It is such an amazing site. I love that my students who have family and friends that are far away can "see" the art work.


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