Online Holiday Activities Any Elf Will Love

By Megan Power on December 13, 2010

The countdown to the holidays is winding down, and the children’s excitement is rapidly increasing. These last days before winter break can be challenging for both teachers and students. Here are a few fun holiday Web sites and activities that your students and their families will love.


Elf Yourself

If you have not tried this yet, you need to. Students have a blast using photos of themselves and friends to create an animated elf dancing in a variety of ways. Elf Yourself shows students what a little bit of creativity and technology can do. My kindergarten students created these and emailed them to their parents with a special message. It was an exciting and real life writing activity! Click here is an example of one a students created or you can watch my video below.


Santa Tracker

NORAD's Santa Tracker will catch the attention of children and adults alike. Being able to see with Google Earth where Santa is during his flight on Christmas Eve will not only excite children, but it will motivate them to want to know more about geography. The story behind NORAD's tradition of tracking Santa is heartwarming. Be sure to read it here. You can also follow the Santa Tracker on Facebook and Twitter!


Portable North Pole

What a find! Parents or teachers can create and send children personalized video messages from Santa. They are fabulous. I have already created a video for my 2 year old son, Mason, that you can see here. I have my students parents creating them for their children and I will be linking them to our online classroom for the kids to see. Imagine their faces when they come to school and get on their laptops and Santa sent them a personalized message!


Email Santa

Even though he is old, Santa is very comfortable with technology. He loves to receive emails from kids, and he responds within minutes!

Santa’s Blog

Santa knows that he has millions of kids interested in what he is doing at the North Pole. So he started writing a blog. Share this blogging experience with your students and take the writing opportunity to have students comment back to Santa.

Interactive Weather Maker

This is a great tool students can use to create weather such as a winter blizzard. Students alter the temperatures and humidity to create different types of weather.

Virtual Dreidel

Virtual Dreidel lets you play an interactive game online.

Enjoy these fun Web sites, and please feel free to share your experiences with these or other holiday Web sites.


Krista, I do too! I made one for my son and my husband! The kids in my class loved them too! Smiles, Megan

Love, Love, Love the Portable North Pole! Thanks!

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