Kwame Alexander: Taking Young Writers from "Page-to-Stage"

Every teacher wants his or her students to have a deep appreciation for language and literature. To understand how and why language works—and to use that understanding to enjoy literature to its fullest. But developing that appreciation can be difficult for some students, especially those who are reluctant to read.

Kwame Alexander, 2015 Newbery Medal winner, has a solution: poetry. His aim is to introduce teachers and their students, reluctant or otherwise, to the beauty and magic of poetry—or, in his words, "to reveal what poetry is—cool—and what it is not—boring." Through his popular Book-in-a-Day program and, now, through his new Scholastic book, From Kwame Alexander’s Page-to-Stage Writing Workshop: Awakening the Writer, Publisher, and Presenter in Every K-8 student, Kwame demonstrates how teachers can help students take their work from concept to page to stage to shelf. Ultimately, Kwame demystifies poetry in all its forms to help teachers and students alike thrive in an environment of rhythm, rhyme, wordplay, and deep, deep emotion.

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