The Value of Reading

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Learning, discovery and imagination at play. Scholastic's mission is built on that
special moment a child finds the right book to read. When once-upon-a-time
becomes the only time that matters, and a child who reads becomes a child who
loves to read - for a lifetime. We are dedicated to helping every child make that
precious, transformative moment his or her very own - again and again.

We believe that just as independent reading is a critical part of every child's learning
and growth, finding the right book at the right time is an important first step in their
individual development. With support from teachers, parents and schools,
children choose from Scholastic the books they want to read, and in doing
so, they empower themselves with their own choices.

The right book is a key.
It opens a world of greater understanding,
self-motivation, and joy.

It opens a world of possible.